Packing Baby or Toddler Snacks

Have you seen these little things before? They’re designed to hold pre-measured amounts of formula powder for when you’re out and about with baby. Not a bad idea! I used one of these with my exclusively formula-fed son and it came in handy.

My second baby was fed expressed breast milk, first through an NG-tube, [...]

Children’s Non-Fiction

When my nine-month old baby girl was in the emergency room with a spiral fracture of the right femur, we were also struggling with how to entertain our nineteen-month old son. As it got later and later in the night, I pushed a sleepy toddler in a stroller up and down the hospital corridors. We [...]

Learning From My Elders

Last weekend, we went to visit my grandma in her new home. It was our first time seeing her new apartment and, since we decided to make the trek on a whim, she was surprised to see us there. Happy, but surprised. After visiting with her for awhile, rearranging a table to better meet her [...]

3 Quick Substitutes for a Lost Earring Back

Has this ever happened to you? You’re out and about and feel your earring slip and realize… uh, oh- the back is lost. Then, if you’re like me, you spend a few fruitless moments searching around before realizing that that teeny, tiny piece of metal could be anywhere. At this point, you have two choices- [...]

A Desk For Baby

I mentioned that my husband is a big fan of Doritos. I like them sometimes too. I also have a recipe or two that call for the chips.

We do one big, monthly Aldi shopping trip. It takes an hour and a half, total, to make the drive there, so we try to get everything [...]

Warning- You’re About to Get in Trouble

I don’t know if you have this particular custom in your neck of the woods but, here in Connecticut where I’m at, we have a habit of letting an oncoming car know that a police car lays in wait by flashing our headlights. It’s a quick “watch out- you’re going to get yourself in trouble!” [...]

Vacation Cereal

I completely and totally stole this idea from my big sister. What can I tell you? She’s very wise. And she doesn’t have a blog. Not long ago, I had some 80-cent off coupons for, of all things, Froot Loops. We really don’t buy Froot Loops around here. So what did I do with them? [...]

Customized Baby Gift

My baby girl turns one on Saturday. Sniff. We’ll be having a little family gathering and giving her some little gifts. I’ll be making some cake balls a la Bakerella because, while not a sweets lover, my littlest child loves them. Because she is my second daughter (and I have nieces), we do not need [...]

Swinging Our Cares Away

It was a hard day.

A trying day.

Just one of those days.

You don’t need the list of what went wrong… you’ve had your own “days like that”.

With Daddy many, many states away and a dinner that went awry, by the time 6:15 rolled around, I was tempted to throw on a show [...]

How To Write a Good Complaint Letter

I don’t want it to sound like I’m forever complaining to companies and businesses because I am not. Quite frankly, I’m not all that picky and I also don’t have oodles of extra time on my hands. However, there are certain things that are just unacceptable… like when the laundry detergent stained a whole mess [...]