An Ode to Greek Yogurt


Where would I be without you, oh, Greek Yogurt?



As a child, I wasn’t raised in a “yogurt loving” household. Let’s be honest, though– the 80s weren’t exactly yogurt’s hey-day. I remember ONE friend from my childhood who liked yogurt and I recall her mom saying that it was a deliberate [...]

Capsule Wardrobe: I Cheated



When I started this whole “capsule wardrobe” thing, I really wasn’t sure how it would play out. Once I came up with my two month mini-capsule idea, I was feeling encouraged. After I actually chose the items I’d be wearing and packed up the rest, I was IN LOVE with my streamlined closet.


HELP: Do I say something?



The skin on my upper chest/lower throat is frequently pink.


(Not too bad here– I had a hard time actually finding a photo that showed what I mean!)



I flush when I’m warm. I flush when I’m embarrassed. My skin is tender and reacts to all manner [...]

Passionate Young Thinkers



As I drove A. off to chorus this morning, he was full of things to say. He spoke clearly, and with conviction, as he expressed outrage over our country’s continued celebration of Columbus Day.


His reasons were legion and solidly evidence-based.


He listed transgressions, cruelties, and inhumanities.


A travesty, his [...]

When the darkness looms and you feel the weight.



“I’m not sure why you don’t just focus on the pros, Mom,” my ever-wise ten-year-old said to me. “I mean– we live in New England! Fall is awesome in New England! And soon it’ll be Halloween, which is so fun, and then Thanksgiving when, face it, I get to eat tons of challah [...]

It’s not okay, but it will be.



Our little former micropreemie, C, is now in intermediate school.





She was only two when I first started writing in this space. Now,- she’s a fourth grader.


This was the first year since we moved to Connecticut that she attended a new school. Two years of preschool, [...]

Books! Books! Books!



I’ve been working in the school library a lot lately. I’ve shelved books, entered new bar codes into the system, and read stories to classes. I’ve wandered and meandered and discovered so many new (to me) and delightful books and series.


Unlike my forays into the public library, here I am able [...]




We met when we were just ten, the same age as that poofy-haired, closed-eye boy in the picture.



We became fast friends and friends we remained, becoming inseparable during our high school years.


We dreamed of husbands and babies and living right next door to one another.


Turns [...]