When Places Become Wishes




Way back, in the first month of 2005, I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.


He was healthy. He was joyful. And his birth marked a whole new chapter in my life.


For the first time since I’d reached adulthood, I was not working outside of the home.



Five Breathless Years

Five years ago today, I gazed upon my precious newborn daughter in the early hours of Christmas Eve…

Amazingly, against all odds, I had this giggly ball of smiles to bake cupcakes for a year later…

At 2 years old, she was still tiny, but able to do SO much… even help decorate [...]

Resolved: To Be Happy (and Merry Christmas to YOU!!!)

Merry Christmas!!!

Like so many of you, I’ll be taking a few days off to spend with my family as we come together to worship and give thanks for this blessed season. Wherever you may be, I wish you joy and peace.

Thank you for taking moments out of your busy days to spend with [...]

Christmas Preparations Interrupted

Five years ago today was a Thursday. I don’t have to look that up- I just know. I had been doing a bunch of last-minute errands the day before, preparing for Christmas, running around and exhausting my 5-month pregnant self.

I woke up feeling achy and off. I resolved to take it easy that day. [...]

Five Years Ago… I Asked For Prayers

Five years ago today, I sent this email to my best friend many states away: hi m., this will be a really quick one… i’m just asking that you cross your fingers and say a little prayer for us. when i woke up this morning, i had blood running down both my legs. i’m only [...]

Prematurity Has No Prejudice

My name is JessieLeigh. I was raised in a comfortable, upper middle-class home. I have a college degree. I am happily married. I have always been healthy. I do not use drugs, drink heavily, or participate in “risky” behaviors. I sought prenatal care at the start of my pregnancies. My blood pressure, sugar levels, and [...]


Because of THIS moment on Feb 18, 2001… Because I said “Yes”… Because we vowed to be together ’til death do us part… Because I love him more today than I did on that day… … it is our wedding anniversary today. Nine years. Three children. More tears than I can count. But more laughter [...]

Children’s Non-Fiction

When my nine-month old baby girl was in the emergency room with a spiral fracture of the right femur, we were also struggling with how to entertain our nineteen-month old son. As it got later and later in the night, I pushed a sleepy toddler in a stroller up and down the hospital corridors. We [...]

Competitive Motherhood

It is so easy to get caught up in it… so easy to think, “my house isn’t as clean as hers…”, “my food isn’t as ‘real’ as hers is…”, “my kids don’t do cute crafts like hers do”, “my house isn’t all decorated for the season like hers is…”, “I don’t rub my hubby’s feet [...]

I Didn’t Want to Breastfeed. And I Didn’t.

I didn’t want to breast feed. I had heard stories about it. I am related to women who had had significant struggles with it and, while they never told me I shouldn’t attempt it myself, I was filled with terror at the prospect. No one actually told me any “good” stories. I became a mommy [...]