“We’re Pregnant”

No, no we’re not. Or, rather, no I’m not. Because, see, despite the fact that we have three children together, my husband has never been pregnant. Not once. He never will be. He’s, ahem, a man. And men do. not. get. pregnant.

I know it might seem silly. I also realize it’s a petty thing [...]

Nursing: “I Really Tried…”

Last Tuesday, I was chatting with another preschool mommy during story hour. We were talking about our sons’ teacher who is expecting a baby girl in less than a month. She was trying to decide from which store she should buy a gift card. Both being moms of three, we laughed about how, really, as [...]

I Serve My Kids Cold Cereal

Oh, yes. It’s true. An average of twice a week, I serve up cold cereal, fruit, and milk and call it good. And… so?? That might not seem so earth-shattering, but in my many corners of the blogosphere it seems to be a near-crime. COLD cereal? Cereal??? Really??? Listen. I make plenty of hot breakfasts. [...]

Is It Time to Let Your Toddler Take Care of Herself?

I am seeing red. I thought about not writing this post. I almost didn’t. I certainly hesitated before publishing it. Because, you see, I like the folks at Parenting magazine. They do some really great stuff. They share some interesting information and links on Twitter. They publish some valuable articles. I am glad that there [...]

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare.”

I heard the T.V. promotion for the upcoming special on teen pregnancy and, as always, it didn’t sit quite right with me.

And then my husband spoke aloud what had been in my heart:

“That’s not my worst fear.”

It’s not mine either. It’s not even close, to tell [...]

All Preemies Are Not Created Equal

I’ve wanted to write this post for some time now… pretty much since this blog’s inception about 18 months ago. I’ve held off until now because it’s important to me not to alienate or offend anyone, particularly another preemie parent.

But here goes:

All preemies are not created equal.

I know no other way [...]

Is It Worth It For A “Restfull” Night?

(All images in this post directly from Enfamil’s website.)

(Happily, the links on this post are now broken… because Enfamil no longer sells this product! They still sell formula with added rice starch, but at least it isn’t marketed to the mainstream to help babies sleep. That’s progress, people!)


Isn’t that sleeping baby precious? [...]

Dear New Mommy- You’re Pregnant,

As I’ve watched my best friend just go through her first pregnancy and give birth to her first baby, I’ve fielded a lot of questions. I’ve also smiled to myself over some of her discoveries. And I enjoyed remembering my OWN first go-around with a new baby. I think it would have been helpful to [...]

Respect Life

Did you know that yesterday was Respect Life Sunday?

As unapologetically pro-life as I am, you know that has special meaning to me.

If, like me, you agree that all life is precious, from the moment of conception, please join me in praying…

Prayer to End Abortion Lord God, I thank you today for the [...]

Would You Like To Watch T.V., Kids?

My preschoolers like to watch T.V.

There. I’ve said it. And it’s the honest truth. They enjoy PBS, they like children’s videos, and- just recently- they’ve started to show an interest in some of the Disney material out there.

Here’s the rest of the truth– I let them watch it. We have limits, sure, and [...]