Because Santa Likes Him Better…

If you and your family don’t “do Santa”, feel free to pass this post right on by. But, if you do, please take a second and just think about something along with me for a minute… If Santa will be visiting your home this year, consider letting the big guy be in charge of leaving [...]

Competitive Motherhood

It is so easy to get caught up in it… so easy to think, “my house isn’t as clean as hers…”, “my food isn’t as ‘real’ as hers is…”, “my kids don’t do cute crafts like hers do”, “my house isn’t all decorated for the season like hers is…”, “I don’t rub my hubby’s feet [...]

What Blogging Has Taught Me About “How to Eat”

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The Good:

I’ve discovered tons of excellent new recipes to enjoy with my family. I’ve been exposed to new ideas, like freezing milk or making my own “cream of…” soups. I’ve been given new information to consider, like whether HFCS is responsible for any number of ailments. I’ve had the opportunity to [...]

All Grocery Budgets Are Not Created Equal

This is something I’ve been thinking about for awhile now… and a recent Twitter conversation really got my wheels turning. All grocery budgets are not created equal. Do you read those blogs? The ones that post their weekly budgets every week and then list the deals they scored? Me too. I find them so inspirational! [...]

Being Stewards of What We’ve Been Given

We stood behind her in line. I clutched twenty-two dollars in cash in my hand to pay for the rice, pasta, veggies, milk, and cheese in the cart. Realizing I had forgotten to pick up chicken, I sent my husband to the back of the store advising him, “Find a package that’s less than three [...]

Letting Corn Syrup Have Its Place

This whole “corn syrup debate” has gotten to be too much for me. I’ve pondered. I’ve considered. I’ve wavered. And here’s what I’ve realized… I am neither ready to sign on to the whole “corn syrup is the devil” movement or to agree with the “it’s natural, it’s fine, it’s no problem” campaign. Here are [...]

You’re Making It Hard For Me To Defend You…

Dear Formula Feeding Mommies,

Awhile back, I wrote my post on why I feel bad for so many formula feeding mommies. I still do. This post isn’t about most of you, but, still, it needs to be said…

There are some among you who are giving formula feeders a VERY BAD IMAGE.

Since hitting publish [...]

When Does Motherhood Begin?

Mother’s Day is just a few short days away and that got me thinking…

This will be my sixth Mother’s Day as a mommy myself.

Unless, of course, you count the Mother’s Day of 2004 when I was already pregnant with my first child…

Or do I count back to when that mother’s heart [...]

Seriously. Pro-Life. No Matter What.

On this post (“Why I’m Pro-Life… No Matter What”), I received the following anonymous comment: Agreed with most of the post, but not with the “no matter what.” The only major exception I can see is a threat to the mother’s life. A fetus should not be given any more priority than the alive mother. [...]

Why I’m Pro-Life… No Matter What

I’ve blogged before about being pro-life. Even my “About Me” declares that I advocate for the tiniest of babies, including the unborn. If you didn’t know all this about me already… well, there you have it. I am, as I always say, “unapologetically pro-life”.

When you declare yourself as being pro-life, the question that people [...]