How do I love thee? Crafty.



I’ve already told you all about my artistic husband and his ability to paint landscapes as a teen that made grown-up me swoon. And I do, indeed, love the fact that he has the ability to create like that– it’s a nice surprise, especially in [...]

How do I love thee? I’m so lucky.


It’s been awhile since I shared more of the awesomeness that is my husband!


Rest assured that is not because he has ceased being awesome, but rather because I was ill and then side-tracked and, well, LIFE. You know.


Anyway, I’m back. And, just for today, I want to [...]

How do I love thee? Grammar.


There are two people in this house who use better-than-average grammar in daily speech and writing: one of them is yours truly. The other? Is not my husband. Ha! (It’s A., if you hadn’t already deduced that.)


Seeing as I was an English Lit major and the daughter of an [...]

How do I love thee? Blue-black.


So, I’ve shared all sorts of wonderful things about the man I married. I’ve talked about his talents, his compassion, his skill as a dad, his protectiveness, etc. I’ve waxed on about skills and character traits that are, indeed, a big part of who he is and a big part of [...]

How do I love thee? Dating.


So, a few weeks ago, my parents went away to Europe. During that time, I took care of a few little things around here for them. (Because that’s what you do when friends or family go away, right?) Anyway, though it certainly wasn’t necessary, as a “thank you” they offered to keep all [...]

How do I love thee? Sons and Daughters


“C’mon, A! Let me feel it! Don’t aim for the knee– that’s gonna hurt you more than me.”


I hear him coaching our son, guiding him through karate and wrestling moves, trying to urge the aggressor out of our gentle giant of a boy.


“Nope. You turned your back. [...]

How do I love thee? Like a record player.


So… tell me this.


What are your thoughts about amusement parks and rides? Love ‘em? Hate ‘em? Could take or leave ‘em?


There was a time, back in the day, when I was ALL ABOUT the ride. I could not get enough of zipping, soaring, spinning, bouncing, splashing, and [...]

How do I love thee? Patient indulgence.


When we first moved into our current home, it was still locked in some late 60s/ early 70s style. There was a LOT of wallpaper that needed to come down and a fair bit of updating that needed to happen.


Moving from Indiana to Connecticut, however, pretty much exhausted all [...]

How do I love thee? The kids say…


For today’s “How do I love thee?”, I was wavering between topics. This resulted in my staring at the screen and not writing anything. My kids are bored with that. So, instead of hemming and hawing around, I decided to just ask them:


What’s the best thing about Daddy?



How do I love thee? Fireworks.


Happy 4th of July to you all! I hope you all have wonderful celebrations with your friends and family… I feel like I can smell the collective cookout across our nation.


Keeping things very short and sweet today, and in a nod to today’s traditions, I just wanted to say [...]