A Day to Celebrate Love? Yes, Please!!!



Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


My stunning Valentine’s view today.


It’s no secret that I absolutely love this day. I’ve loved it my whole life, as least as far back as I can remember. I loved it the years I was dating and I loved it the years I was [...]

How do I love thee? Mr. Valentine.


When I was a senior in college, I started dating this slim, ropy-muscled boy with black Irish coloring. (Spoiler alert: I married him a few years later.) That all started in November and, by February, we were positively smitten with one another. Our friends’ young relationships were collapsing around us but, still, we [...]

Marshmallow Popcorn Treats


I am such a huge fan of making do with what we have. So, when I see a few partial bags of marshmallows laying around– but no Rice Krispies or the like– I don’t go to the store. I keep looking around.


Ah hah. Popcorn. Well, now, that could work!



Dark Chocolate Raspberry Patties


By now, most of you know I’m near-famous for my Peppermint Patties at Christmastime. And with good reason– they’re super-delicious.


Since this easy-peasy recipe never fails me, it only made sense to play around with it and come up with something equally yummy and oh-so-appropriate for Valentine’s Day.


Dark Chocolate [...]

Ways to Help Make Your Marriage Fabulous!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I don’t care what all the nay-sayers say about consumerism and wastefulness and blah blah blah… I LOVE Valentine’s Day and I think it’s the perfect time to focus on doing something special for your marriage. Need ideas? I’ve got ‘em!


In our Taking Your Marriage from Fine to Fabulous [...]

Winner of Some Valentine’s Bling!

Thanks to all of you who participated last week and helped to make our Valentine’s Exchange of Inspiration and Ideas such a success! We all had a great time doing it and we learned so much from all of you thanks to the great posts you linked. We look forward to doing something similar in [...]

12 Days of the Valentine Queen: Day 12

12 Days of the Valentine Queen

Day 12: A Man Who Makes It Special

So let me just say this- you can absolutely have a happy Valentine’s Day by celebrating with girlfriends and you don’t NEED a man in your life to make it special. But it sure helps.

I am blessed to be [...]

Giveaway Review… Don’t Miss Out!

Just in case you missed it, this whole past week I teamed up with four amazing ladies to put together a Valentine’s Exchange of Inspiration and Ideas. It’s been a wonderful week and a whole lot of fun!

To wrap up the extravaganza, I will be drawing one name to determine the winner of some [...]

12 Days of the Valentine Queen: Day11

12 Days of the Valentine Queen

Day 11: Lacy, Girly Things

I am really not an “overly fussy” kind of a girl. I don’t much like knick-knacks (aka dust collectors) and I don’t own one single throw pillow. But I DO really enjoy little touches of lace and femininity sprinkled throughout my home.

One example? [...]

A Perfect Holiday Cookie

Since I was a very little girl, I remember these cut-out cookies as part of our holiday traditions.

My mom would make dozens upon dozens of them at Christmastime, but she also made small batches for other holidays throughout the year. I didn’t do much Christmas baking this past year (first trimester and all), [...]