Hello? It’s Me.




Once upon a time, there was a girl named JessieLeigh. On a hot July day, tucked away in the countryside of Indiana, she pressed “publish” on a blog post way back in 2008.


Years went by. Thousands of posts were written. And children? They grew.


So here I sit, over [...]

Be kind. Seriously.




I took a lot of pics in this shirt. It’s such a lovely shade of Spring-y pink! Posed in front of the forsythia. Crouching to pluck a dandelion. Laughing amid the sunny morning mist.


But you know what?


My second graders all agreed this was the best one.




Caring for 40-year-old Skin




I recently shared a Now/Then photo on Facebook of my husband and me on our wedding day, paired with a quick selfie of us last Wednesday morning, which was our 15th wedding anniversary. A college friend who attended our wedding left the comment, “How is it possible that you don’t age and [...]

Easy Halloween Tweaks to Inspire Your Meal Plan



Fall has most certainly arrived! With it, we’re enjoying gorgeous color, sunny days, and crisp (downright chilly!) nights.



Halloween is right around the corner and, while it’s been well-documented here that it’s not my favorite holiday, my kids are super excited about. This year, I’ll have two butterflies and a Thor [...]

Itchy Feet and Relentless Optimism




I love to travel.


I haven’t done nearly as much of it as some people, but far more than others. As with so many spectrums of life, I’d land somewhere in the middle.


But I love to just… GO PLACES.



I’ve lived quite a lot of places, [...]

When Places Become Wishes




Way back, in the first month of 2005, I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.


He was healthy. He was joyful. And his birth marked a whole new chapter in my life.


For the first time since I’d reached adulthood, I was not working outside of the home.



Delayed Joy



It’s been four years since I miscarried our fourth baby.


Holy cow, that sounds like a long time!


Honestly, even though they tell you that women will never, ever forget how old their child would be and all that, I actually sometimes do. It’s not that I don’t still mourn the [...]








Stupid can.


I’m fine, really, but, as my husband disgustingly put it– I filleted my hand.


Bear with me! I’m doing my best to type. I’ll be over on Facebook more as it heals. I’d love for you to hang with me there!


Nothing You Can Do (or not do) Will Screw This Up



Five years ago, I was planning a great family party for my little C, who was turning five years old.Though I was certainly busy at home with little ones, in that season, I still had more time than money. With that in mind, I had concocted a delicious, completely homemade, menu. I would [...]

Multi-tasking Like a Boss



Over two years ago now, I wrote all about techniques we use for guarding our work time around here. In that post, I shared how important it was to have a quality pair of headphones on-hand when you’ve got family members who need to get their online work done in the midst of [...]