Dear Southerners





Dear Southerners,


It’s about to warm up. We’re headed out of Winter and into Summer because, let’s be honest, both Spring and Fall always feel woefully short, do they not?


It’ll be awhile before it’s too hot around here in the North, but we know it’s coming, [...]

Fitting In




“Nobody usually sits with me on the bus.”

I hear the softly spoken words laced with so very much sadness, and my heart beats hard in my chest, pounding with indignation over the hurt feelings of this tender-spirited child.


Out loud, I say, “Well, that doesn’t matter, right? Your [...]

Nailed it, indeed.

I was scrolling through Facebook and she noticed it.  


“Aw!” she exclaimed.

I stopped to see what had caught her eye.

It turns out it was a funny little graphic– one of those shots comparing an image from Pinterest to the actual results someone got when attempting it. [...]

Unexpected Hurts After a Miscarriage



When you lose a baby, there are things that you expect to hurt– and they do. These might include:

pregnancy announcements from others seeing pregnant bellies out and about your due date coming and going insensitive remarks having your regular cycle return seeing/hearing newborn babies … and more


These events can [...]

Post-not really!-LISTERINE® Challenge Recap



Three weeks ago, I told you all the I was embarking on the LISTERINE® 21-Day Challenge. This involved flossing, brushing, and rinsing twice a day, every day, for twenty-one days. It also meant my kids got to use their very own rinse, something about which they were VERY excited. (Really, that “very” deserves about a dozen exclamation points because, let me tell you, if I dared forget to pour that rinse? I heard about it!)


I’m actually a pretty darn diligent little brusher and flosser, but I do confess to a night here and there when I pass out on the couch and my chompers fall by the wayside. (Terrible, I know.) This challenge forced me to be much more vigilant and, if I felt myself start to drift, I’d pop up and announce to my husband, “I’m gonna do my teeth so I can crash without thinking about it!”


This resulted in my being very, very consistent about blushing AND flossing twice each day. Not only did this mean my teeth felt clean pretty much all the time, but I noticed a real difference from all that flossing! Continue reading Post-not really!-LISTERINE® Challenge Recap

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What’s up with A.?



So, I was trying to figure out what I should write about today and, suddenly it hit me– I haven’t told you all very much about A. lately! So, if you’ve followed A’s whole saga, this might be interesting to you. If you haven’t? I won’t be the least bit offended if [...]

Leaps of Faith, Report Cards, etc.




Well, good morning to you!


Rather than have you read a whole bunch here this morning, I’d be simply tickled pink if you’d pop on over and read my words one of two other places. (I know, right? What are the odds that my posts would go [...]

Marriage as a Vocation



I’ve been teaching my second grade church school class about vocations. Our book keeps it really simple and straight-forward, which is something I appreciate:


The word vocation means ‘what we are called to do.’ Every Christian has the vocation to live as a follower of Jesus. God calls us to do [...]

“My Story… ” Monday: Selling Our First Home (at 25)


Buying our first home at 23 had made us a bit of an anomaly among our peers. Yes, I certainly know that there are people who get their first mortgage at a younger age than that but, realistically, we were only a couple years out of college and it was pretty strange [...]

Marvel Super Heroes Mashers (review)




(I was provided with toys– yay!– and compensation in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts with you all about this product. All opinions and embarrassing revelations are completely and totally my own.)


Let me start out by being perfectly honest with you all– I am totally lacking in super hero knowledge. Seriously. I can recognize the Incredible Hulk. And I can remember having some rockin’ Underoos as a very little girl. But I really don’t know squat about the various story lines of the shows and movies as of late.


What I do not lack, however, is an understanding of why super heroes (and super villains, for that matter) are so fascinating and fun for children. What’s not to like about someone who can accomplish amazing feats and save the day? On the flip side, there’s something appealing about having a bad guy we can all agree to love to hate.


So, though I (admittedly) couldn’t have named the heroes without reading their names off the packaging, I was so excited to share these Marvel Super Heroes Mashers with my kiddos. I knew they’d be eager to learn their stories and explore their abilities– I learned they were already a bit more super hero-savvy than their mama, but they still had things to discover.

Continue reading Marvel Super Heroes Mashers (review)

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