(Where to Buy) Great, Affordable Clothes for Tall, Slim Boys





When A. was an infant, he had the biggest thighs you can imagine on a baby. You can get a peek at them here:



So big were his legs that we couldn’t zip regular blanket sleepers over them. We tried sleepers from Walmart, sleepers from Kohls. Sleepers from [...]

You Need Happier Friends




We dragged our toes through the sand, watching the grains spill over painted toenails– hers berry, mine bubblegum pink.


“It was just so NICE to get away. To steal those quiet moments with the waves crashing in the background, knowing our kids were safely tucked in nearby. To just enjoy each [...]

A Weighty Issue



I took G. in for her five-year-old well-child visit yesterday. I’m guessing it will suprise no one to learn that she is a very healthy little girl.


In many ways, G. is the child about whom we’ve had the fewest worries. She was born full-term, has had no developmental delays, and seems [...]

Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit



So, let’s talk about baked beans, shall we?


One week ago today was the 4th of July and I’m willing to bet that many of us served baked beans as part of the line-up.



image source


What I’d like to know is this:



When [...]

School’s Out For Summer!

{{sing it with me now!}}


And if you don’t know that song? Well… I’m sorry. That is all.



We finished up the school year yesterday and, while there was lots of moaning and groaning around here about how late we had to [...]

Three-Year-Old College Material?



A. took a test last Spring (2013) to ensure that he really belonged in the Johns Hopkins University math program for talented youth. It’s an above grade level standardized test and, honestly, we did nothing to prepare for it. This probably doesn’t surprise you, if you’ve followed our journey of parenting A., at [...]

Love over “Truth in Love”





I get a little anxious when I hear someone say, “All you have to do is look to this line of scripture and everything is clear.”






I mean– if the Bible is, indeed, the infallible word of God, why shouldn’t I be able to follow [...]


Our laptop is dead.

D-E-A-D dead.

I really want to cry, but it won’t fix anything.

Out desktop’s been dead for some time now, a fact I could easily ignore since I way preferred the Macbook, anyway. I can no longer ignore it.

People? Being a blogger without a computer is no fun at all. [...]

The Art Show

Last Fall, I found a pencil sketch in A’s homework folder. It was clear to me that he had drawn a scene of Communion from our church. I could make out the stained glass windows, the host, the chalice, the crucifix. It was pretty neat, actually. So I asked him about it.

“Our art teacher [...]

Menu Plan: Fresh Color

It’s almost end of May… can you believe it??? I can’t! And, while we still have another month of school ahead of us, I know it’ll go by in a flash.

This time of year always seems jam-packed with extra shows and activities. We’re also busily completing all sorts of home improvements, including [...]