How Moms Feel at Back-to-School

Back-to-school is right around the corner!!!

Notebooks– 4 for $1! Glue Sticks… only 10 cents! Free backpack with $20 back-to-school purchase!

Not Giving, Just Stretching



Come July, I will have been blogging for seven years.



While there are certainly many bloggers who’ve been in the game for longer than I, that still makes me something of a dinosaur in the blogosphere. I can never remember the numbers, but I know that the percentage of blogs [...]

Not a Tomboy



The woman smiled at C. My little girl was crafting loops of color and shape on paper, happily creating. She was in her element.


Turning her attention to G, the woman asked, “And how about you? Are you into art like your sister? Do you like to draw and paint?”


“Sometimes!” [...]

Menu Plan: Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy



May is here!! Hooray!!

Spring has arrived in full force around here. While two weeks ago I was driving in SNOW to take C. to horseback riding lessons, as I type this, the temp is pushing 80. Honestly, that’s a touch TOO warm for this time of year around here, but [...]

Reading to Myself



He said it so off-hand. That’s what made it so profound for me, actually. Those simple little words: “I was reading to myself.”



Let me remind you for just a second that, as a preschooler, A. was labeled “profoundly delayed.” The fact that he didn’t speak– and I mean didn’t [...]




They’re inconvenient, these New England winters. The snow… it just FALLS. Sometimes in heaps and piles. Added to that, days and days can go by with cloudy skies and low temps and the piles of white stuff go nowhere. Well, nowhere but UP when, inevitably, another winter storm rolls in.




The Best of 2014



It was another great year around here!


Even though blogging has changed immensely in the six+ years since I started, I still very much love this community. The increased focus on images over writing is hard on me, since I’m more gifted with words than photos, but I keep soldiering on and, [...]

Prematurity Knows No Prejudice

(some information reposted from a piece originally written in 2010)





My name is JessieLeigh.

I was raised in a comfortable, upper middle-class home. I have a college degree. I am happily married. I have always been healthy. I do not use drugs, drink heavily, or participate in “risky” [...]

Sucky Drivers Need Grace Too




Several weeks ago, I headed out in search of some very tall athletic socks for my son to wear with his shorts. Is that a trend where you live? Probably. But, if not, give it a little while– we tend to be at the front of the pack for trends here in [...]

When “Below Average” is Miraculous



Yesterday morning, I spent almost two hours sitting at a long conference table. To my right was my husband. To my left was the third grade special education teacher. Filling up the rest of the seats– so many of us that we were shoulder to shoulder– were the classroom teacher, the physical therapist, [...]