A Week of Preschool Lunches



I post my menu plans around here pretty regularly. After a bit of a hiatus (mainly because I became convinced it was no longer “cool” to blog about your meals), I came back and figured I didn’t much care if I was cool or not.


For those plans, I include a [...]

How to Descale a Drip Coffeemaker



So, two weeks ago, my coffeemaker died.




This was a borderline tragedy around here and, if it weren’t the generosity of my church school students and their gifts of Dunkin Donuts gift cards, I surely would have been weeping. I tried tea a couple mornings– I don’t care [...]

(More) Frugal, Outsourced Birthday Party Ideas


So, let’s just get this out of the way first– you don’t have to have a birthday party for your kid.┬áThat will, clearly, be your cheapest option.


Also, you can definitely host a party at your home and this may save you some cash (though not necessarily.)


I, for one, have [...]

Shame, Value, and Skinniness



People make fun of my middle child for her size.


No, she’s not overweight. No, she’s not of Amazon height. No, she’s not the shortest kid in school.


She’s just… well, skinny.



(See? I’ve always fed her. Even when she stole my food when I [...]

How to Have a Fantastic Family Game Night



I can’t lie. I really miss summer evenings. The after-supper soccer games… the neighborhood walks as the fireflies come out to dance… the wild berry picking with my husband after the littles were all tucked in… (Do you like how I completely leave out the sticky humidity and the obnoxious mosquitos? )


Homemade Pizza, Lickety Split


So, yesterday I needed to get lunch pulled together REALLY fast. I knew my husband was rushing home from work to take me to the doctor, so I had to hustle.


I also knew I hadn’t done any kind of “real” grocery shopping for, [...]

What to Do When the Shortest Day of the Year Makes You SAD


So, today is the Winter Solstice. Honestly, that sounds beautiful, in my opinion. What a beautiful name for the first day of winter! Sadly, it is also the shortest day of the year, meaning it brings with it the narrowest window of daylight.



Isn’t that sunset stunning? Unfortunately, [...]

Suspect your child has special needs?


“Still, it is probably safe to say that most parents do not dream about their children having special needs. Of all the hopes and ambitions we have for our little ones, needing therapy or extra help is probably not in the mix.

So, what should you do if you, [...]

Spice Up the Night With a Glowstick



All you ladies who don’t love the sights of yourselves in your birthday suits?


I hear you.


You chickies who feel fairly confident most of the time, but cringe under harsh overhead lights?


Been there, too.


And those of you who feel good about yourselves, but just crave [...]

Gettin’ Prettied Up with Almay



Good gravy, was October ever rough.


I’ve been telling you all that saga– and there’s more to tell!– but, suffice it to say, while battling debilitating pain, my self-care went right down the tubes. Lack of sleep and lack of nourishment took priority over lack of lipstick, so I just sort [...]