Five Toys That Go the Distance



So, I’ve been doing this motherhood thing for coming up on ten years now. That does not make me an expert. It does, however, mean I’ve been around the block a few times and I’ve learned a thing or two.


One thing I have to say is that my children are rarely [...]

A Pacifier Your Baby Loves

Let me start by saying we’re not really “pacifier people”. I don’t really have anything against them (for babies, that is) and, in fact, I know numerous studies have shown that they can be beneficial, particularly in reducing the risk of SIDS. Nonetheless, when our son was born, he didn’t seem one bit interested [...]

A Good Vacuum

When you have a preemie with breathing issues, it’s important to have a quality vacuum to keep things fairly cleaned and filtered around your home. I could claim that’s why I finally broke down and shelled out big bucks for a vacuum. I would be lying.

The truth of the matter is this– for [...]

Having a Cell Phone…

We lived many years without cell phones. We didn’t have them when we married in 2001. We didn’t get them when we were both promoted to supervisor at our respective banks (much to the annoyance of the higher-ups…). We didn’t even get them when we found I was pregnant with our first child. We [...]

Double Umbrella Stroller

When I first brought C. home, she was four months old. My son was just shy of 15 months and not yet walking. It was imperative that I have a double stroller! Lucky for me, my sister had one to lend and it served us well for the better part of that year. It [...]

My sling… and why you need one too

Ryann is hosting Toolin’ Up Tuesday over at Life as MOM today. Be sure to head over there for some great tools and tricks!

When it grew apparent we’d be bringing C. home soon, I started thinking about what items might make my life easier. We already had a lot of baby gear- our son [...]

Lovin’ the Latex!

When my daughter was released from the hospital, one of our beloved nurses pushed a box of green, size small latex gloves into my hands and said, “You’ll find a use for them.”

At the time, I didn’t think much of it. Truth be told, I had a lot more important things on my mind [...]

Using the Handy-Chopper

I have to admit something. When my husband received the Black & Decker Handy-Chopper as a wedding gift from one of his customers, I kind of laughed about it. I believe my exact words were, “Hmm, well that was nice of them. Not that I’ll ever use this thing for anything, but still…” At the [...]

My Maternity Jeans

I mentioned in the birth story that I gained all of 4 1/2 pounds during my pregnancy with C, four of it in that last month. I wore regular old jeans into the hospital when I was in labor. I didn’t show until into my seventh month with my first child, so this was not [...]

Hospital Grade Breast Pump

For more than four months, the breast pump was my near-constant companion. We couldn’t make the 2-hr (each way) trek home without it. I couldn’t sleep through a night without a visit to it. I could attach all those parts and components in the dark with no contacts or glasses in record time. I cannot [...]