The Problem With Crediting Prayer



I’ve told you all about Dr. Y. before.


She was an absolutely horrible pediatrician whom we saw when we first moved to Indiana. I used to dread well-child check-ups because she was such a bad fit for us. Anyway, one of the “perks”, if you will, of having given birth four [...]

2nd Grade: Ending on a High Note



My miraculous middle child is almost done with second grade.


She follows right directly on the heels of her older brother and, in fact, this year she had the very same teacher he had the year before. (Ours is not a tiny school district and there are several teachers for each grade, [...]

Wanting to Kiss Dr. Shapiro



I don’t often use full names around here. I’m all about allowing people to keep a bit of anonymity.


But, let me just say this…


This man?




We met Dr. Shapiro under rather bad circumstances. C’s retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) had progressed, rapidly, and was on [...]

Does she see what we see?



I took C. to see the ophthalmologist this morning. This is nothing particularly new– we’ve been making that sort of trek since the day we brought her home from the hospital.



“There’s an 85% chance that she’ll go completely blind.”


We knew from the beginning that our little girl [...]

How to Help the Parents of a Preemie



I’d like to share with you three great, and relatively simple, ways you can be a blessing to new parents of a preemie.



Let’s be frank here… giving birth to a baby 14+ weeks early is nothing like a healthy, full-term delivery. And sometimes it’s tough to know [...]

What a preemie mom is NOT…


Here are three things I wish more people knew. Please know that I absolutely realize that sometimes these stereotypes DO apply to the mothers of premature babies… but it is so essential that people know that oftentimes, they do not. I have met (in person or online) so many amazing, devoted, [...]

“My Story… ” Monday: Dr. L.


I’ve written a little about Dr. L. before. He was the director of neonatology when C. spent 100 nights in the NICU. Small, white-haired, soft-spoken, he was a humble leader. Everyone in that hospital respected what he said, but he never seemed to overuse or abuse that power. Honestly, if other people hadn’t [...]

“My Story… ” Monday: Flashback

Happy Monday!


I’ll be back to “People Who’ve Made Me Who I Am” very, very soon– I have a great one in the works about an important person in A’s life.


In the meantime, however, I wanted to jump way, WAY back in time. Over seven years back in time, in fact– [...]

She Rides


We tried ballet. Though she was adorable, it was a bit of a disaster. Not only was the coordination and keeping up difficult for her, but the girls from that class (and their moms) were catty as all get-out.


We tried karate. Though she made a concerted effort and did [...]

Fearfully, Wonderfully… Amazing



Mothers’ Day just passed. I didn’t say a whole lot about that.


For many, it was a day of joy and celebration. For some, it was a time of excitement and anticipation. There were those who faced bittersweet days of acknowledging blessings while coping with loss. And still others faced pure sadness [...]