We’ve All Had That “Oh, Crud” Moment: When Sick Gets Real

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Last Spring, my sweet G. climbed off the bus and I took one took at her stormy looking face and asked, “Honey, what’s [...]

Protecting Those Peepers


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When I think back to my own childhood, I don’t really remember ever wearing sunglasses. There are probably three big reasons for that:


Sunglasses weren’t much of a “thing” for kids back in the early 80s; let’s [...]

When Sick Gets Real




One thing I’ve learned from my experience with the app “TimeHop” is that I do not enjoy reliving episodes involving sick children. As a result, you will find no pathetic shots of sickly children documented on social media from our last run-in with the flu. I know I’m not going to want [...]

What My Kids Love About My Blogging



My kids love it when packages arrive with “JessieLeigh” and “Parenting Miracles” printed across the label.


Now, part of that is just that they harbor hope that bubble wrap will be therein and they well-understand the simple pleasure of a good bubble popping session. The other part is that they get so [...]

Turning a Bummer into a Fun Surprise




I’ve told you all many times now that my nine-year-old son is a Bengals fan. It’s funny, to be honest, to see my orange and black clad kiddo milling about with his Patriots- and Giants-loving friends. They don’t really understand his loyalty to Cincinnati, but they totally accept it as part of [...]

One… Two… Ba ha ha ha!!!



There are people who love Elmo. There are people who love Big Bird. There are people who love Cookie Monster. And there are people who love Ernie.


Me? I loved the Count.


In fact, I loved the Count so much that, on my nineteenth birthday, my mom ordered a (DELICIOUS) cake [...]

Easy. Tasty. Guilt-free.

Hillshire Farm Naturals black forest HAM




(If I know nothing else, I know my children eat a ton. As a result? It’s rare I turn down opportunities involving food. The following post is sponsored by Hillshire Farm, but all opinions are our own!)



Remember how we talked about convenience not all that long ago? I told [...]

Menu Plan: Gratefully Accepting Some Convenience



Let’s chat just a bit about things we can do ourselves to save a little cash.


Because our food budget is in no way unlimited, I have taken to doing a lot of things myself in order to save some money. I’ve opted to put in some effort and sacrifice some convenience [...]

Saving Time & Eating Well






You all probably know by now that I dearly love spending time in my kitchen. Cooking, baking, expermenting, and, of course, eating all bring me great joy. To be honest, I look forward to making a meal each evening and I’m not typically one to rely on “freezer meals”, though [...]

Easy Oven Nachos, featuring Progresso Chili




You know what makes me giddy and little-kid-excited? Getting packages in the mail. Fun mail is the best, isn’t it??? Kids adore getting mail too, but, especially when you’re a grown-up, it’s such a pleasure to receive something that’s not a bill or a solicitation!



So, as you can [...]