Unexpected Hurts After a Miscarriage



When you lose a baby, there are things that you expect to hurt– and they do. These might include:

pregnancy announcements from others seeing pregnant bellies out and about your due date coming and going insensitive remarks having your regular cycle return seeing/hearing newborn babies … and more


These events can [...]




I have a confession to make.  When I gave birth for the first time, there was a little part of me that was super relieved to hear them say, “It’s a boy!”  It’s not that I didn’t LIKE girls… of course I did!  And, honestly, I was arguably a real girly-girl: long [...]

Those horrible, terrible, no-good anniversaries



There are all kinds of wonderful anniversaries we get to celebrate through the year and we all seem to be pretty good about how to do that. Sadly, anniversaries of sad, hard times are also very real. Here are some ideas for ways to help people going through those tough days or [...]

A Marriage Skill No One Tells You About


The service was quiet. There weren’t all that many people in the church that day.


We were sitting behind them by a bit. Their baby had been really good throughout the whole thing. But then, all of a sudden, she wasn’t. Not that she wasn’t good. But she wasn’t [...]



The bagger chit-chatted with my youngest. “What’s your name? . . . Oh, that’s beautiful! . . . Do you have any brothers or sisters? . . . One of each, huh? Are they in school? . . . And, so, I bet you go to daycare maybe? Some days?”


At [...]

Late Potty-Trainers & Why You Shouldn’t Worry

(because sometimes you just need a snack while potty-training)


I’m super duper lucky with the kiddos I got, in so many ways. They’re all fantastic eaters with adventurous and hearty appetites. They’re all fabulous sleepers who go to bed without question and almost never come out, save to use the bathroom. They’re [...]

Healing in a Baby’s Smile

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Last week, we started a new session of gymnastics. This means I wrote yet another check and also that some new kids joined the class.


I like meeting new people, but those first classes are always just a little awkward. If everyone were new, it probably wouldn’t be, but some [...]

Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

I hear a lot of generalizations. A lot of blanket statements. A lot of information that, while likely founded in some scientific study somewhere, should never be used as a scare tactic.


So, just for fun, I’d like to reveal that…


My child with the highest IQ is the [...]

One Year Ago

It was a year ago that I skipped dinner, too edgy to eat whatever it was I had served up that night. A year ago that I kissed my children goodnight and whispered to my husband that I was running out to get some things. He nodded, knowing full-well what I was doing.



“My Story… ” Monday: G — My Clone

(You can catch up on G‘s story right here: A Third Baby, Fighting Panic, Connecticut to Oklahoma, You’ve Got the Job, The Birth Story, 95 Degrees, She struggles to breathe, I struggle to walk., The Liquid Diet, Not Enough Oxygen, Getting Out of There, Let’s Party!, Fitting Our Lives into a Minivan, Finding [...]