The First Blog I Ever Read

What was the first blog you ever read? Do you remember? How did you find it? When did you start reading it? Do you STILL read it?


I think it’s fun to look back in time a bit. Even though it’s only been about six years for me, that’s a near-lifetime in the [...]

Organizing MY Life as MOM

I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek at Jessica’s latest ebook– the highly anticipated and newly revised (okay, I just wanted to sound all cool there ;)) Organizing Life as MOM. Jam-packed with all sorts of tools to help us get our acts together, this ebook is simply full of tools to [...]

Just a little housekeeping…

Just a few quick notes:

First of all, I want to thank all of you who visit this blog. Our readership has grown and I am so very appreciative of this! The layout here and features presented are still rather, well, bland. I really plan to work on that. It’s a little frustrating for me [...]

Preemie Talk in Cyberspace, #2

I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon the blog of a neonatologist and I find this discussion on the value of life at 24 weeks gestation vs. 8 years of age so thought-provoking!

I was so comforted by Shannon’s advice on potty-training and I hope some of you are too.

This new, fabulous site [...]

Preemie Talk in Cyberspace, #1

I am utterly fascinated with this view on keeping very premature babies alive…

I wish I could find more capable knitters to whip up a few of these hats.

Since I’m far more adept at crocheting than knitting, I might try my hand at a few holiday preemie hats. How cute are those?

Someday, I [...]