In the shadows of our town…



Our town is so lovely. Beautiful New England at its best, really. Well, we’re not coastal, so we lack that type of beauty, but, still…


Honestly, I can’t easily imagine a prettier downtown. Oh, I’ve seen the Main St. shots from some lovely little Southern towns, but I don’t know that I’ve [...]

The Privilege to Serve



They had to make a special exception to allow him to serve at the altar.



We were so happy for him, able to serve though he hadn’t yet received his first communion. It’s something he’d wanted to do for quite some time.


Still, I [...]

Raising Children Who Write Thank You Notes



Rebekah posed this question on Facebook yesterday:

“Do you write thank you notes for Christmas gifts? Do you expect them?”


And, of course, I replied. I told her that yes, I did. And no, I no longer expect them– and that’s pretty sad. (For the record, we do receive a fair number [...]

A Giving Heart That Wasn’t Enough…

He clenched the ten dollar bill tightly in his little hand– a hand that I still imagine chubby with babyhood and dimples though, in reality, it’s growing long and broad and more capable with each day. The excitement vibrated in his steps and his eyes quickly moved around the store when we entered. My [...]

Meals For New Moms Who Can’t Leave the Hospital

(This post, with a few modifications, was originally published in August of 2008. You can find the original here, if you’re interested.)


We always seem to want to deliver food to the new mama, don’t we? When Mom gets to go right home after having a baby, those lasagnas and casseroles and crock [...]

Will You Help?

Last night, I watched the news with my husband. In cold, detached tones, a reporter told the story of a baby boy whose lifeless body had been discovered that day; he had been ripped from his mother’s arms by the tornado’s winds.


I wept.


Here in Connecticut, we have little familiarity with [...]

The Joy of Cyber-Friends

My (cyber) friend Amy just launched a new carnival, Finer Things Friday, last week. Have you checked it out yet? It’s a wonderful celebration of all the finer, simple things in life that make us happier. If you’re looking for some cheerful, positive posts, it’s a good place to go!

This week, I want to [...]

A New Year’s Commitment: Pop Tabs

I’ve written about collecting pop tabs before. As this New Year rolls on, I want to re-address the topic and share a little more information with you all.

Ronald McDonald House charities have established houses all over the world, mostly in larger cities with significant children’s hospitals. These houses are set up to provide lodging [...]

Be THAT Person

In my life, and especially in recent years when things got a tad tumultuous, I would say I could categorize a lot of well-meaning people into two groups- those who constantly and incessantly offer to help, do anything, and be anywhere for you but then, ironically, are always busy or unavailable on the off-chance that [...]

Three Things You Should Know About RSV

If you know the parent of a preemie, it won’t be long before you hear them talk about RSV. Here are just a few quick facts you should know about RSV:

RSV stands for respiratory syncytial viral disease and it is very common. Most adults and young children have contracted it and its symptoms present [...]