When Places Become Wishes




Way back, in the first month of 2005, I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.


He was healthy. He was joyful. And his birth marked a whole new chapter in my life.


For the first time since I’d reached adulthood, I was not working outside of the home.



No Physics, No Problem




In the Spring of my sophomore year of high school, I completed what I would from then on refer to as one of my greatest coups.


I was actually really good at science–(only girl at the New England Chem-a-thon 1992–represent!)– so it was no surprise when, on course selection day, my [...]

I’ve Never Been the Girl I See



She approached me at a banquet dinner and told me she was wondering if I’d give her three minutes of my time to help with a doctoral project. She’s studying psychology and needed a broad sample of women for her research.


I’m pretty passionate about education and higher learning and achieving and [...]

I’m fine. Or, you know, close enough.



I pulled up TimeHop on my phone this morning.


I read a post from three years ago– it was my son’s seventh birthday party. We did a football theme that year and a strangely warm late January day meant the boys could actually play some ball outside.


I remember being so [...]

The Hardest Kid for Me to Love



She was pale.


That was the first thing I noticed about her. Honestly, she was so thin and pale and drawn that she always looked just on the edge of being ill to me, but she wasn’t. It was just her natural build and coloring. That gaunt face was surrounded by pale [...]

Before I Blink



“I really need to figure out what I’m going to do with my life,” he says from the backseat.




I glance in the rearview mirror and smile. “What do you mean, kiddo?”


“I mean I have to decide what I want to be. What I’m good at, you [...]

Cottage Getaway



From the time I was four-years-old, all the way up through high school, my family would rent a cottage in Newport, RI every summer.


The cottage, unlike Newport, was not glamorous. We had no TV, no phone, no air conditioning. We traipsed sand in all the livelong day. We ate simply [...]

“My Story… ” Monday: It’s all relative.






I’m going to wrap up this story today, and, to be honest, I’m a little nervous that you’re all expecting a big, dramatic ending.


Spoiler alert: there isn’t one.


My father-in-law was released from the hospital and they checked into the extended stay hotel for a couple [...]

“My Story… “: Wreath of Wrath





I remember getting home from work one October day and finding my husband and mother-in-law both gone. They had headed out car shopping since, at this point, it had become clear that his car was not going to be worth saving. I had my own vehicle back from repair by [...]

“My Story… ” Monday: Disconnected


(If you need to catch up, the last post in this series can be found right here, along with links to all the previous posts.)


I may have fired off a couple dozen questions at my husband as he wearily drove me to the banking center where I was “training” (<– in [...]