All Was Calm

I’ve written extensively about C’s birth. I’ve told you all quite a bit about finding out I was in labor on a Thursday afternoon (Dec. 22) and being rushed to a big-city hospital.


You know, by now, that my daughter arrived four months early on Christmas Eve.


But do you know what [...]

"I Had to Separate Your Children"

They are not words I looked forward to hearing. I expected a child of mine to be older before a teacher broke the news to me:

“We had to separate your child from her peer.”

I figured, eventually, maybe one of them would get in a fight. Or be bullied. Perhaps a child [...]

Oh, Black Coffee, How I Love Thee…

… let me count the ways.

It is quick. Seriously. You pour it in a mug and roll. That’s it, people. It is easy. There is no magic formula here. No “two teaspoons of raw sugar and a splash of heavy cream” or whatever. Again… pour it in a mug. Roll. It is hot. If [...]

Two Months, Three Pounds

(Once again, I am happily participating in The Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt. This week’s prompt? Five years ago.) I shuffled up to our nurse for the day a little shyly. Which isn’t like me. But, then again, I didn’t often ask for favors… “So, um,” I started out. “I was just [...]

On (Redefining) Friendship

(Once again, I’m participating in Lisa-Jo’s five minute Friday…)

Five minute writing prompt: “No editing, no back-tracking, no pauses. Just words. This week, let’s focus on friendship.”


I’ve never met her. Never laid eyes on her smiling face. I’ve never even been to the state she calls home. Her children do not know [...]

10 Ways NOT to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Buy raw shrimp that STILL HAVE LEGS ON THEM and then decide to prepare them for supper at 6:30 am. Think for sure you’ll remember the chocolate that’s melting on the stove while you get some things done… who needs a timer, right? Decide that it’s fine for the baby to eat off her [...]

"A Day In The Life Of…" JessieLeigh

My friend Rebekah had an awesome idea…

What if we were to capture a photograph of every hour of our day? “A Day In The Life Of…” was born. I was fascinated with the project. I was particularly thrilled that she was presenting a photography challenge that in no way required photographer skills. [...]

The A-to-Z of Where My Time Goes…

So I got to wondering… Where do I spend most of my time online? Where do I go? What websites come up, again and again? If I type just ONE letter into my browser-addressy-thingy (oh, I am SO tech-y), what sites will come up? Are you just a teensy bit curious? It might tell you [...]

Five Breathless Years

Five years ago today, I gazed upon my precious newborn daughter in the early hours of Christmas Eve…

Amazingly, against all odds, I had this giggly ball of smiles to bake cupcakes for a year later…

At 2 years old, she was still tiny, but able to do SO much… even help decorate [...]

Resolved: To Be Happy (and Merry Christmas to YOU!!!)

Merry Christmas!!!

Like so many of you, I’ll be taking a few days off to spend with my family as we come together to worship and give thanks for this blessed season. Wherever you may be, I wish you joy and peace.

Thank you for taking moments out of your busy days to spend with [...]