Menu Plan: Deliberately Easy



I’m kind of embarrassed to share this menu plan.



There. I admitted it.


I know some of the meals listed here are less than stellar. I don’t expect anyone to be one bit impressed with my cooking this week.


But, you know what? This plan is actually do-able! And [...]

Menu Plan: Chilly & Busy



I swear it was hot as heck barely a week ago. And now… brrrr!



Last time I posted a menu plan, I hinted at the upcoming busy-ness of life and we are now in the full swing of it. Because we didn’t have enough going on already, A. managed to get [...]

Eating Down the Pantry



Want to know the real reason I never participate in those “Eating Down the Pantry” challenges?


Well, here. I’ll show you.



This is what my fridge, freezer, and pantry look like before I go shopping.


Every month.


I can honestly say that “food waste” is one thing [...]

Caramel Fudge Brownies

Print Caramel Fudge Brownies Author: JessieLeigh Recipe type: Dessert Prep time:  5 mins Cook time:  24 mins Total time:  29 mins Serves: 24   A rich, decadent brownie that elevates a boxed mix into something truly special. Super easy and super fast. Ingredients 1 brownie mix (to make a 9″ x 13″ [...]

Menu Plan: Quick, Easy, & Cheap



It’s Fall! Well, ALMOST Fall.





I imagine you all know by now that I am a total stickler for the REAL season start and end dates. I’ve never been one to rush the seasons and I maybe roll my eyes a bit when people pull out boots and [...]

The Back-to-School Menu Plan



My babies went back to school today!



While a part of me is super sad to see summer break coming to an end– and, gosh, this feels like an early start!– I am excited for them to get back into a routine and I am THRILLED to resume substitute [...]

Menu Plan: Long, Hot Days



It’s been awhile since I shared a menu plan with you all!


As in many homes, the routine changes a bit over the summertime. Somehow, it feels like we both spend more time at home and spend more time flitting to gatherings. This just means the planning is different. I wind up [...]

How We Eat on Vacation



So, we got back from vacation just a couple days ago. It’s hard coming back to reality. I just thrive in that salty air!


For me, the most important part of a vacation is that it’s RELAXING. I am not much of a run-around jet-setter who needs to visit a thousand landmarks. [...]

Menu Plan: Let there be light!



It is no secret at all around here that I LOVE the light. I’m perfectly content to have endless hours of sunshine. Meanwhile, the long, dark days of winter make me want to curl into a ball. These days? The sun shines high in the sky late into the day and that is [...]

Menu Plan: Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy



May is here!! Hooray!!

Spring has arrived in full force around here. While two weeks ago I was driving in SNOW to take C. to horseback riding lessons, as I type this, the temp is pushing 80. Honestly, that’s a touch TOO warm for this time of year around here, but [...]