Meal Planning Doesn’t Have to Be “All or Nothing”



When the topic of meal planning comes up, there are typically two big schools of thought– there are those who despise it and find it tedious and boring and there are those who LOVE it and are passionate list-makers. Within each of those, of course, there are sub-groups, but that’s the the general [...]

Menu Plan: Deliberately Easy



I’m kind of embarrassed to share this menu plan.



There. I admitted it.


I know some of the meals listed here are less than stellar. I don’t expect anyone to be one bit impressed with my cooking this week.


But, you know what? This plan is actually do-able! And [...]

Menu Plan: Chilly & Busy



I swear it was hot as heck barely a week ago. And now… brrrr!



Last time I posted a menu plan, I hinted at the upcoming busy-ness of life and we are now in the full swing of it. Because we didn’t have enough going on already, A. managed to get [...]

Eating Down the Pantry



Want to know the real reason I never participate in those “Eating Down the Pantry” challenges?


Well, here. I’ll show you.



This is what my fridge, freezer, and pantry look like before I go shopping.


Every month.


I can honestly say that “food waste” is one thing [...]

Caramel Fudge Brownies

Print Caramel Fudge Brownies Author: JessieLeigh Recipe type: Dessert Prep time:  5 mins Cook time:  24 mins Total time:  29 mins Serves: 24   A rich, decadent brownie that elevates a boxed mix into something truly special. Super easy and super fast. Ingredients 1 brownie mix (to make a 9″ x 13″ [...]

Menu Plan: Quick, Easy, & Cheap



It’s Fall! Well, ALMOST Fall.





I imagine you all know by now that I am a total stickler for the REAL season start and end dates. I’ve never been one to rush the seasons and I maybe roll my eyes a bit when people pull out boots and [...]

The Back-to-School Menu Plan



My babies went back to school today!



While a part of me is super sad to see summer break coming to an end– and, gosh, this feels like an early start!– I am excited for them to get back into a routine and I am THRILLED to resume substitute [...]

Menu Plan: Long, Hot Days



It’s been awhile since I shared a menu plan with you all!


As in many homes, the routine changes a bit over the summertime. Somehow, it feels like we both spend more time at home and spend more time flitting to gatherings. This just means the planning is different. I wind up [...]

How We Eat on Vacation



So, we got back from vacation just a couple days ago. It’s hard coming back to reality. I just thrive in that salty air!


For me, the most important part of a vacation is that it’s RELAXING. I am not much of a run-around jet-setter who needs to visit a thousand landmarks. [...]

Menu Plan: Let there be light!



It is no secret at all around here that I LOVE the light. I’m perfectly content to have endless hours of sunshine. Meanwhile, the long, dark days of winter make me want to curl into a ball. These days? The sun shines high in the sky late into the day and that is [...]