Burger Kebabs




I first made these fun little deconstructed burgers at the start of the school year. I only fully realized their popularity when my husband requested them, above all other recipes, for his birthday dinner this past weekend.


Burger Kebabs are more a method than a true recipe, but I wanted to [...]

A Mish-Mosh Menu Plan



We’re still in the heart of summer here.



Our schedules are an odd blend of busy and relaxing these days. Swimming lessons carry on, four days a week. Gymnastics and karate are still happening. We’re starting to try to cram in special events and gatherings that somehow just hadn’t gotten done [...]

Post-Vacay Cooking Plan!




Last week found me lazing around the Massachusetts shore with my extended in-law family.


My sisters-in-law and their families, plus my mother-in-law, all traveled out from Indiana and we convened at a beach house my husband’s cousin was renting. While we were there, all sorts of other Massachusetts relatives came and [...]

When the going gets HOT…




… the hot stops cooking! (Well, baking. Really just baking. )


It’s 90 degrees out there, people– whew! This is not typical May weather around here, but it’s not exactly unheard of, either. And, to be honest, it’s kind of fun having a nice, hot Memorial Day weekend. Some people consider [...]

Triple Chocolate Drop Cookies

Print Triple Chocolate Drop Cookies Author: JessieLeigh Recipe type: dessert Prep time:  5 mins Cook time:  16 mins Total time:  21 mins Serves: 30   An easy drop cookie filled with the rich flavor of three levels of chocolate– perfect with a glass of icy cold milk or [...]

Menu Plan: The Pre-Easter Crazy




Like the rest of the world, I feel like Easter is creeping up super early this year. I keep glancing at the calendar and getting a little jolt because… really??? So soon???


These weeks leading up have been busy and, honestly, at times overwhelming. We’ve had some health issues within my [...]

Menu Plan: Marching Along




It’s a dark, rainy, gloomy start of a Monday. I’m covering a leave of absence in second grade, so I’ve been kept hopping with that! Still, no matter how busy life gets, we still need to eat, right?


So here’s the plan!







Menu Plan: Because I need to write!



I’m gonna level with you all…


I sat down this morning to write. I’m actually not teaching today, because my oldest child has been fighting fevers on and off for a week and it hit just under 104 yesterday. Long enough and high enough that even I– the notoriously uber calm mama [...]

Meal Planning Doesn’t Have to Be “All or Nothing”



When the topic of meal planning comes up, there are typically two big schools of thought– there are those who despise it and find it tedious and boring and there are those who LOVE it and are passionate list-makers. Within each of those, of course, there are sub-groups, but that’s the the general [...]

Menu Plan: Deliberately Easy



I’m kind of embarrassed to share this menu plan.



There. I admitted it.


I know some of the meals listed here are less than stellar. I don’t expect anyone to be one bit impressed with my cooking this week.


But, you know what? This plan is actually do-able! And [...]