Personalized Stir-Fry

Awhile back it occurred to me that, while it might be convenient if all five of us had the same exact taste preferences, that’s just not realistic. I also realized that, while I am fully capable of insisting my children eat what I fix, I’m also a big fan [...]

Menu Plan: Organization is Key



Oh, it is just SUCH a busy time of year for everyone. This much I know to be true. Whether you work in the home, outside the home, or some combination thereof, you’re all super busy and the schedules are packed. I know this is the case because it’s that way for every [...]

Menu Plan: Christmas is– gulp– HOW close?



Were it just a touch colder out there, we’d be getting buried in snow. As it is, a cold, heavy, ugly rain is falling. That’s okay, though. Rain is a part of life, after all! Still, I’m just not one of those people who loves a “good, rainy day.” I don’t mind the [...]

Peppermint Butter Crunch Cookies with White Chocolate Chips

I always hesitate to share about my spazzy baking style because of a (very nasty, accusatory) email I once received that called me arrogant for revealing I’m a haphazard, fly by the seat of my pants sort of baker. I worried that more of you felt that way about me and [...]

White Cheddar Cranberry Bites

Cranberry salsa is one of my favorite seasonal treats. Bright, tangy, and exploding with flavor, it’s such a fun twist on the more typical tomato variety.

Paired with sharp white cheddar and a crispy cracker base, the salsa is the shining star in this quick, delicious, no-cook [...]

Menu Plan: The First Heavy Snow



As I type this, a very heavy snow is blanketing our yard. They called off school already yesterday evening in anticipation of the Nor’Easter set to hit us. Six to sixteen inches, the Weather Channel said, which just made me laugh because, really? That’s a crazy range!


Anyway, for now, the children [...]

Mid-November Grocery Shopping with JL



I know everyone prefers the nice, clear table shots, showing all the food. I’ll be honest– it was “feels like 8 degrees” yesterday and I was in a hurry. I’ll still list everything out for you, though– promise. Fair enough?


Alrighty, let’s go shopping!





1 qt. vanilla [...]

Menu Plan: Friday Excitement!!





Well, Hallelujah!



That’ll help a bit. Still, groceries aren’t cheap, but I carry on with trying to make the best of it. It helps immensely that my piggy children are all huge fans of rice, beans, and eggs. So glad they’re not demanding!


The menu plan [...]

Menu Plan: Stretching Meat





What the heck happened to the prices of meat and butter, anyway? Landsakes, it’s terrifying out there! Okay, so it’s not THAT bad, but, still, butter is easily twice what it was this time last year and meat prices around here are enough to make me cringe. I could mope around [...]

Menu Plan: Putting Off Shopping



I realized at the end of last week that the first of the month fell on a Saturday. Now, if given the choice, I prefer to avoid grocery stores on Saturdays. When the beginning of the month AND a weekend collide, chaos is bound to ensue. (Plus, I didn’t feel like tripping over [...]