Feta-Studded Braided Loaf

Homemade bread is such a delicious treat alongside soup, pasta, or even a big salad. Don’t be intimidated at the thought of making it yourself! This lovely loaf comes together quickly and easily and requires absolutely no special equipment.

Print Feta-Studded Braided Loaf Author: JessieLeigh Prep time:  90 [...]

Menu Plan: Lots of Meatless Meals



Let me cut to the chase here– the grocery budget is not doing what it used to. Between rising food costs and (significantly) growing appetites, I’m finding myself scrambling by the last third of the month. Don’t get me wrong– we’re certainly not going hungry and I’m not complaining. I’m just consistently amazed [...]

Spanish Rice with Chicken and Corn

Way back, well before we had children, when both of us worked in banking and I was just learning to cook and try new things, this was one of my favorite dishes to make. Of course, back then, I made it by buying the Spanish Rice & Sauce packet and a [...]

Menu Plan: Oh, the beauty!





The first half of October is spectacular here.


I know people have lots of hometown pride and like to argue about why their neck of the woods reigns supreme. Having lived a lot of different places all over this country, I’m one of the first to admit that there [...]

Menu Plan: Better late than never!



Another week, another menu plan!


Keeping it short and sweet on the chatter this week…


A’s appointment at Yale went well. We go back in a year, but everything is looking great. Can’t ask for more!


We had C’s triennial meeting at the school this morning– that’s the big three [...]

Skillet Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Cook up a hearty, satisfying meal to feed a crowd that only leaves you one pan to wash. This Skillet Spaghetti with Meat Sauce is a family pleaser and frees you up to spend your time having fun instead of scrubbing pots!

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Menu Plan: A Look at His Heart



I am such a broken record around here lately, with all my, “Gosh, it sure is a busy week!” reports.


I’m not lying– it IS busy. But it’s also very, very good, and I don’t ever want you all to think that I would trade it for anything.


This week, we [...]

How to Wrap for Bake Sales




I almost didn’t bother with this post today, figuring everyone on earth probably figured this out before me. But then I learned that my mom didn’t know this trick yet and, since my mom is inarguably clever, I figured there must be a few more people out there who could benefit from [...]

Menu Plan: Gratefully Accepting Some Convenience



Let’s chat just a bit about things we can do ourselves to save a little cash.


Because our food budget is in no way unlimited, I have taken to doing a lot of things myself in order to save some money. I’ve opted to put in some effort and sacrifice some convenience [...]

Menu Plan: Monday Prep to Save the Week


More activities join the pack this week! Church school for two kids, I’m teaching a class (to prepare for First Holy Eucharist– SO excited about that!), chorus, plus a curriculum night, and a new bible study. It is a busy, busy season, but it’s fun. We’ve got another couple weeks before cello and orchestra [...]