Double Chocolate Pancakes

It was about four years ago that I first even heard the concept of chocolate pancakes and my mind was blown. Chocolate chip? Yeah, sure. Everyone knows about those. But… chocolate? That was a new idea for me!

Nonetheless, I never made them. I sort of filed away that [...]

Menu Plan: Sometimes Old Stand-bys are Best


I’ve become a broken record with my “goodness, it’s so BUSY!” mantra, but it really does feel that way. I’m not complaining– it’s all “good busy,” which is a true blessing. It’s races and gymnastics and church school and teaching and concerts and dances and special-events kind of busy. These are all lovely and [...]

Menu Plan: Sigh of Relief


I survived “Birthday Party Season”! Okay, in reality, I only have two children with winter birthdays– one Christmas Eve and one January. Still, I always feel so very overwhelmed with all the planning and arranging for their special days. Between family and friend parties and the “immediate family” celebrating we do on the actual [...]

Apple Almond Butter Muffins

The other day, I decided I wanted to add muffins to the brunch menu. I did this very spontaneously, as I am apt to do, and started throwing ingredients together, because I know no other way to bake.

Initially, I’d thought I might make some sort of peanut butter [...]

Pepper Jack Pasta (the quick cheat version)

Yesterday, I shared my mom’s Pepper Jack Pasta recipe and it is delicious. It’s also super easy. Because I’m all about making things even EASIER, however, I have an even quicker, simpler “pantry” version for you today. It relies on canned and dried ingredients in place of fresh, meaning that this [...]

Pepper Jack Pasta (the original)

Many, many years ago– back when I was in college, I think– my mom started making this recipe. I loved it. Right after C. came home from the hospital, my mom came to stay with us for a few days to help out with A, mainly. She also cooked some things [...]

Menu Plan: Flavor and Spice!


When it gets cold and dreary, I have to admit I’m not the kind of girl who starts craving meatloaf, roasts, and lots of potatoes. I don’t yearn for gravy and cream sauces. Nah, I’m the kind of girl who starts pouring copious amounts of red pepper flakes on her pizza and looking for [...]

Menu Plan: Prep-Ahead Meals



Brrrr… January sure feels chilly! In reality, I think our temps have been pretty normal, but December was so darn mild that we’re all shivering and fussing.


We’re back in school now and that means that, from time to time, no one is home here all day. As a result, it [...]

First Big Grocery Run of 2015!




Yesterday, I told you all about my near-empty pantry and fridge and shared some of my go-to recipes for when it seems like there’s nothing around to eat.


I was able to run to ALDI yesterday morning, thankfully, so we now have a LOT more food around here. Woo hoo!


Top Meals in Desperate Times



The last time I really grocery shopped was the week before Christmas.


Sure, I snagged a gallon of milk or bunch of bananas here and there, but, really? I’ve been out of the stores for a LONG time, now.


This is very evidenced by my pantry and fridge.


I realized [...]