Conversations on Being Vulnerable



“I’m trying to get tougher. I NEED to get tougher.”


“Why?” he asked, opening his eyes and looking at me with genuine curiosity.


“Well,” I stammered, “because I’m too horribly sensitive. I overthink and overreact and get hurt so very easily.”


He nodded.


I took that as confirmation, [...]

Deciding What to Call Your In-Laws



So, for the most part, I’m a big fan of meeting your “intended” at a relatively young age, while he or she is still living with parents and all of that jazz. We were in college when we met– and far from home– so we didn’t have any family members actually around [...]

Being Point



He knew he’d be called on to be point.


The thing about being an intermediate or advanced belt is that, not only do you need to work on learning all the more difficult stances and forms, you also have to retain mastery of all the basics.


This was a big [...]

In the shadows of our town…



Our town is so lovely. Beautiful New England at its best, really. Well, we’re not coastal, so we lack that type of beauty, but, still…


Honestly, I can’t easily imagine a prettier downtown. Oh, I’ve seen the Main St. shots from some lovely little Southern towns, but I don’t know that [...]

On Knowing When to Quit

“It’s hard for me to say,” he murmured quietly from the backseat.”

“Just say it honestly. Don’t worry about it.”

“I just don’t think I’m very good at it. And I’m not sure that it’s something I want to spend the time on to get better.”



And with that, I knew exactly [...]

To the Teen Girls Wondering When to “Do It”



I want to speak to the teen and preteen girls out there.


I want to be brutally honest with those sweet young ladies who are honestly asking themselves, “Should I do it? Is this the right time for me to have sex? How do you know, for sure, that it’s right?”


How do I love thee? Crafty.



I’ve already told you all about my artistic husband and his ability to paint landscapes as a teen that made grown-up me swoon. And I do, indeed, love the fact that he has the ability to create like that– it’s a nice surprise, especially [...]

How do I love thee? I’m so lucky.


It’s been awhile since I shared more of the awesomeness that is my husband!


Rest assured that is not because he has ceased being awesome, but rather because I was ill and then side-tracked and, well, LIFE. You know.


Anyway, I’m back. And, just for today, I want [...]

Navigating Crises: Tunnel Vision & Selective Amnesia



We were chatting with A’s old karate teacher last night and she was asking about his health. She had retired from teaching right before he went into surgery last March, but she had taught him for three years before that. She was so happy to hear how well he was doing.



Survival Mode… and What It’s Not

I just recently came out of a mini-season of true Survival Mode. My health situation made it so that I had to just make it through the days. Through it all, I made sure to remember these important tips. “Don’t worry about it– you’re in survival mode right now!” “I can’t even think [...]