Protecting Those Peepers


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When I think back to my own childhood, I don’t really remember ever wearing sunglasses. There are probably three big reasons for that:


Sunglasses weren’t much of a “thing” for kids back in the early 80s; let’s [...]

Secret Clinical Strength (review + giveaway)


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So. I’ve told you all before that I sweat– a LOT. In all honesty, this was more of an issue back in my late teens and early twenties than it is now, but I don’t really [...]

Gah! Winter Skin


 So. Let’s talk about skin. Specifically, let’s talk about winter skin. Because, right now, we are smack dab in the middle of this utter nonsense called winter. I’m in New England and it’s been abnormally cold and dry around these parts (our Midwestern friends have had it worse, so [...]

Guarding Our Work Time (Monster Headphones Review & Giveaway)

Have I told you all that I am currently living with two college men?




I have an eight-year-old who does his math studies through Johns Hopkins University under the guidance of a Stanford professor and a husband who is pursuing his MBA through a local university’s online programming. It’s all very [...]

Parenting Miracles is 5 Years Old! (but the gift is for you)



Seven years ago, I sat, lonely, in an Indiana farmhouse, caring for a one-year-old and a six-month-old. That six-month-old had arrived incredibly early and we were still dealing with the repercussions of that.


I searched BabyCenter and other “baby sites.” I tried to join the preemie groups and boards the hospital [...]

Minute to Win It: Fun For the Whole Family & a GIVEAWAY

Do you remember Minute to Win It? Remember how fun it was to watch people make fools of themselves in an effort to complete silly challenges before a minute was up? My husband and I used to laugh our heads off at some of the contestants– either that, or talk smack about [...]

Family Vacationing with Norwegian Cruise Line (giveaway)


Planning family vacations can seem like an overwhelming task. With so very many options out there and so many factors to take into account, sometimes you feel like you need a vacation just from the process of figuring out where you should go and what you should do!


My husband and I are [...]

Disney “Secret Of The Wings” (review & giveaway)

For the most part, this blogging gig of mine is something my kids don’t really understand. They certainly wouldn’t ever consider it my “job”– my role as stay-at-home mom neatly fills that role. But, every once in awhile, an opportunity comes along that makes them think that Mommy’s “writing job” is super, duper awesome.


Won’t Back Down: Why Advocacy Matters (review & giveaway)

Let me just start out by telling you I am not a fan of movies. Honestly, I just don’t have the patience to sit still for that long, typically. I used to do better when the average movie was about an hour and a half, but, now that films are often two or, [...]

Dove® Intensive Repair Conditioner (review & giveaway)

While lots of people seem to have different shampoo/conditioner needs based on the season, this is not really the case for me. Yes, perhaps my scalp gets a touch dryer in the winter months but, really, my hair and head are never in the oily camp. Ever.


This is good in that I [...]