A Peek in JL’s Shopping Cart



Well, hey there! Guess what? I was actually OFF yesterday from working in the school. It was a very deliberate move on my part and one I try to make, ideally, once a week. Working every day outside the home leaves me feeling frantic and behind in my house. Sooo… I try to [...]

Menu Plan: Gratefully Accepting Some Convenience



Let’s chat just a bit about things we can do ourselves to save a little cash.


Because our food budget is in no way unlimited, I have taken to doing a lot of things myself in order to save some money. I’ve opted to put in some effort and sacrifice some convenience [...]

Menu Plan: Back to School + Shopping with JL



School started back up yesterday!


As I said yesterday, I was not thrilled about this. Nonetheless, change happens whether we’re ready for it or not and, when all was said and done, we all had great days. I was so, so excited to see their smiling faces climbing off the buses! Today [...]

A Little August Shopping with JL




It’s been awhile since I shared my grocery shopping! I did another “medium” shop this week, so I thought we’d take a look at that together. Sound like a plan? Here we go!



So, the first place I shopped this week was our tiny local market. You know, the kind [...]

(Where to Buy) Great, Affordable Clothes for Tall, Slim Boys





When A. was an infant, he had the biggest thighs you can imagine on a baby. You can get a peek at them here:



So big were his legs that we couldn’t zip regular blanket sleepers over them. We tried sleepers from Walmart, sleepers from Kohls. Sleepers from [...]

Packing Spices for Travel



I am a big lover of being able to prepare some of our own meals when we travel. Whether that’s having a mini-fridge and a microwave, a campfire, or a full-blown kitchen, I love to be able to help our budget while fixing some favorites.


I am not, however, a big fan [...]

June Grocery Shopping with JL



Well, hi there! You might be thinking, “Gee whiz, it’s been a long time since JL showed us a shopping trip pic!” You would be correct. But, to be totally honest, that is NOT because I started slacking off. (Promise!) It’s because I truly haven’t had any kind of significant shopping since that [...]

Hiking With Little People




If you had told me ten years ago that mine would be a hiking family, I probably would have hurt myself laughing. I was definitely more of an “indoor sport” unless we were talking about a moonlit beach or something.


Over the years, however, I’ve become a total convert and [...]

(More) Frugal, Outsourced Birthday Party Ideas


So, let’s just get this out of the way first– you don’t have to have a birthday party for your kid. That will, clearly, be your cheapest option.


Also, you can definitely host a party at your home and this may save you some cash (though not necessarily.)


I, for one, have [...]

End of the Month Soup



Around here, we operate on a “monthly budget” system. We allocate a certain number of dollars to certain categories and, then, that money is what we have for the month. Unlike some families, we don’t really “roll over” funds from one month to another– to be perfectly frank, while we’re sticklers for our [...]