Why I’m Surrounded by the Crazies and the Inspirational



Though I definitely share recipes, reviews, and the occasional household tip around here, at the heart of it, I am a story-telling blogger. This is evidenced by the joy I get from writing the “My Story…” series and the incredible response I get. Even when I’m not in story-telling mode around here, I’m [...]

So This Happened Today…






… and I won’t lie to you all.


I cried.


You should know that I cry a lot, though. I mean, I usually cry when they go back. I’m just not one of those, “Oh, HOORAY, it’s back to school!!!” sorts of moms. And that’s okay. [...]

JL Answers the Search Box, volume 6




Have you MISSED this series?? I’ve missed writing it! I need to put it on a calendar or something. I’m such a “fly by the seat of my pants” blogger that I do a horrible job remembering it on my own. Sorry!


Anyway, it’s been about 4 1/2 months since the [...]

Found a Friend




We were invited to spend the day at the Connecticut shoreline. The family of one of A’s classmates had rented a cottage for a week and thought it would be nice for our boys to spend the day together. Not one to say no to the beach, I RSVPed in the affirmative. [...]

Nine Years, Fifty Pounds, Three Feet



Eleven years ago, I was working as the teller manager in a Virginia banking center. A young man– younger than me, and I was only in my mid-20s– walked in and asked to go to his safe deposit box. I took him and we chatted. He told me that his fiancee worked for [...]

Hiking With Little People




If you had told me ten years ago that mine would be a hiking family, I probably would have hurt myself laughing. I was definitely more of an “indoor sport” unless we were talking about a moonlit beach or something.


Over the years, however, I’ve become a total convert and [...]

The End of the Year List… awesome.



So, let me preface this post by reminding you all how very much I love our school. I do. In fact, I lovity love love LOVE our school. This fact is well-documented on this here blog, in my writings for Life as MOM, and in all the Facebook posts I’ve hashtagged #ourschoolrocks. Seriously– [...]

(Wildly Easy) St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece



I really, REALLY do not enjoy long, drawn-out crafty projects. I used to say “I’m not crafty,” but I’ve been called out on that before because, when push comes to shove, I can do the creative, crafty stuff. I just don’t enjoy it.


I also really, really do NOT like having a [...]

JL Answers the Search Box, volume 5



WordPress changed their layout for search engine results and I LOVE it. It also makes it way easier for me to cull out the good ones. And, so, I had to share some with you. Because, can’t we all use a little giggle on a Wednesday morning??


JL Answers the Search [...]

Snacks to Bring Smiles



So, listen…


I’m a huge advocate of things like cheese and fruit for snacks– they’re easy, readily available, and popular with a wide audience. I buy them, I serve them, I eat them, I like them. We all do, really.


I also like things like chips and sweet cereal. It’s just [...]