(Wildly Easy) St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece



I really, REALLY do not enjoy long, drawn-out crafty projects. I used to say “I’m not crafty,” but I’ve been called out on that before because, when push comes to shove, I can do the creative, crafty stuff. I just don’t enjoy it.


I also really, really do NOT like having [...]

JL Answers the Search Box, volume 5



WordPress changed their layout for search engine results and I LOVE it. It also makes it way easier for me to cull out the good ones. And, so, I had to share some with you. Because, can’t we all use a little giggle on a Wednesday morning??


JL Answers the [...]

Snacks to Bring Smiles



So, listen…


I’m a huge advocate of things like cheese and fruit for snacks– they’re easy, readily available, and popular with a wide audience. I buy them, I serve them, I eat them, I like them. We all do, really.


I also like things like chips and sweet cereal. It’s just the pure truth. All the fruit and cheese in the world– despite my love of them!– hasn’t really changed that. I might change the behavior, but I haven’t been able to change that truth. ;)


I’ve always liked sweet-flavored cereals. Whether there are marshmallows, chocolate, or sweet little granola clusters involved, I’m pretty much a fan. Honestly, I don’t really eat them for breakfast– I just love them for snacking. They make me smile. I don’t know if it’s nostalgia or just my taste or what, but I love digging into a new, sweet flavor of cereal for a treat here and there.


And you know when that was the MOST true?

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How to Have a Fantastic Family Game Night



I can’t lie. I really miss summer evenings. The after-supper soccer games… the neighborhood walks as the fireflies come out to dance… the wild berry picking with my husband after the littles were all tucked in… (Do you like how I completely leave out the sticky humidity and the obnoxious mosquitos? )


Simple, Elegant Snowflake Wreath (for about a buck)


Holiday decor doesn’t have to bust the budget! You also don’t need to be super crafty. This simple, elegant wreath comes together in about 15 minutes and costs only a buck or two.



I am NOT crafty.


There, I said it.


I mean, I’m creative in the kitchen. [...]

How do I love thee? Crafty.



I’ve already told you all about my artistic husband and his ability to paint landscapes as a teen that made grown-up me swoon. And I do, indeed, love the fact that he has the ability to create like that– it’s a nice surprise, especially [...]

How do I love thee? I’m so lucky.


It’s been awhile since I shared more of the awesomeness that is my husband!


Rest assured that is not because he has ceased being awesome, but rather because I was ill and then side-tracked and, well, LIFE. You know.


Anyway, I’m back. And, just for today, I want [...]

Mummies in Blankets



What’s that you say? You’re looking for a cute, last-minute Halloween-themed meal to delight your little ones? I’ve got you covered with this one. 


Oh, yes, I’m well aware that Halloween is, oh, TOMORROW. And so you might think that there’s no way to create a [...]

Shopping the Big Box

While many turn up their noses at big box shopping, we find they’re just what we need to stay in budget and feel good about our choices.

She insists on wearing a dress to speech each week. That one’s a non-negotiable for her. She knows I’ll make [...]

How do I love thee? Grammar.


There are two people in this house who use better-than-average grammar in daily speech and writing: one of them is yours truly. The other? Is not my husband. Ha! (It’s A., if you hadn’t already deduced that.)


Seeing as I was an English Lit major and the daughter of [...]