You Need Happier Friends




We dragged our toes through the sand, watching the grains spill over painted toenails– hers berry, mine bubblegum pink.


“It was just so NICE to get away. To steal those quiet moments with the waves crashing in the background, knowing our kids were safely tucked in nearby. To just enjoy each [...]

Let Freedom Ring



We have so very many freedoms in this country.


Many, we take for granted… like the freedom to worship how we choose, for example.


Others, I believe we sometimes misinterpret… like the second amendment, quite frankly.


Still, there is no doubt that we are permitted so very many liberties compared [...]

They Need to Help



I had sent them downstairs to fetch the laundry out of the dryer. I really don’t mind going down there. It’s not like our laundry is in a pit of a basement or anything. It’s a nice enough little room on the lower level of our raised ranch. It even has a window. [...]

When did your child ____? Eh, nevermind. Doesn’t matter.



So, G. turned five last week. I KNOW. Many of you were around before she was even born– how is that even possible???


Her birthday was lovely and fun, complete with shrimp macaroni & cheese and a frozen yogurt run. She opened family gifts and gushed with delight over such things as [...]

Take Heart, Irish Twin Mamas



Irish twin babies are hard.


There’s just no getting around it.


True twin parents will point out all the ways in which it is not the same, and, you know what? They’re totally right. In many ways, having Irish twins is nothing at all like having actual twins. The thing is… [...]

Two Words




I kneel on the floor, finishing the last few snaps of the cassock. My boy… he does such a fabulous job altar serving, but he’s not all that adept at fastening all his gear. Or hanging it up neatly when he’s done, for that matter.


So I kneel in the [...]

Love over “Truth in Love”





I get a little anxious when I hear someone say, “All you have to do is look to this line of scripture and everything is clear.”






I mean– if the Bible is, indeed, the infallible word of God, why shouldn’t I be able to follow [...]




I remember, quite clearly, making my own First Holy Communion. I remember the white eyelet dress I wore (that my sister had worn before me.) I remember the headband covered in baby’s breath. I remember being cautioned by a nun, “DON’T CHEW THE HOST!!!” I even remember the rehearsal when I was determined [...]

All In For Easter



So, last week, I read this post from Kristen Howerton with great interest. I took in the words and pondered her stance. Honestly? It all makes a great deal of sense. Logically, I am SO on-board with all she is saying. Because, really? Getting all emotional, whether distraught or ecstatic, over a single [...]

Inadvertently Scandalous


Have you ever encountered something that you didn’t even know was a “thing” and, all of a sudden, found yourself making waves totally unintentionally? It’s a bizarre feeling, really. I mean, there are times when we say or do something and, frankly, we KNOW people are likely to get riled up, but we make [...]