Want some insight into teen girls? . . .




. . . follow them on social media.




As a rule, I do not become friends with anyone under the age of 18 on Facebook. I realize that Facebook’s own guidelines aren’t that rigorous, but it’s just something that’s served me well over the years. Ordinarily, people younger than [...]

Kind & Brave



Last week, my children participated in Summer Spirit, which is our church’s version of VBS. This year, they had a “service” theme and they, literally, spent their days weeding, harvesting, sewing, cooking, and otherwise working to help support various organizations in our community. They honestly loved it so much.


Anyway, as is [...]

One bad apple…




“You’re doing a really wonderful job.”


“I am so, so glad you’re the one they put in to sub.”


“My daughter LOVES having you in the classroom.”


“Please let me know how I can help you– you’re doing great.”


“You’re a doll!”


“They love you. You captivate [...]

Nothing You Can Do (or not do) Will Screw This Up



Five years ago, I was planning a great family party for my little C, who was turning five years old.Though I was certainly busy at home with little ones, in that season, I still had more time than money. With that in mind, I had concocted a delicious, completely homemade, menu. I would [...]

Thanksgiving 2005



Can I be brutally honest?


I don’t know what to write,


I feel uninspired and unmotivated and that makes it difficult to put words to the page.


Still, I love this space and cherish your company and never want to neglect it. I worked HARD in October to [...]

To the Converts and the Curious



I’ve told you all before: I’m a cradle Catholic.


That’s what they call those of us who were born, raised, and remain Catholic. Fitting, as we are also one of the Christian denominations that practices infant baptism.



Cradle Catholics grow up in the church, typically sitting there in [...]

What would you ask Jesus?



My children all attend Faith Formation (AKA CCD, AKA church school, AKA bible school) classes. We go every other Sunday at our parish center. I teach the one and only first grade class offered that day. (By contrast, there are three third grade classes– it all just depends on how many kids there [...]

Mini Confirmations



Ours is not a faith that tends to devote a lot of time to memorizing scripture.


I’m pretty sure I’ve NEVER made my children copy down a Bible verse or recite one back to me, word for word.


If there is an area where Catholicism does, indeed, sometimes fall short, it [...]

Passionate Young Thinkers



As I drove A. off to chorus this morning, he was full of things to say. He spoke clearly, and with conviction, as he expressed outrage over our country’s continued celebration of Columbus Day.


His reasons were legion and solidly evidence-based.


He listed transgressions, cruelties, and inhumanities.


A travesty, his [...]

When the darkness looms and you feel the weight.



“I’m not sure why you don’t just focus on the pros, Mom,” my ever-wise ten-year-old said to me. “I mean– we live in New England! Fall is awesome in New England! And soon it’ll be Halloween, which is so fun, and then Thanksgiving when, face it, I get to eat tons of challah [...]