Lunch Date



I admit it. I saw the man grab the frozen french bread pizzas and I kind of wondered what he was doing. I know it was none of my business, but I’d be lying to say I didn’t have a fleeting thought about it.


You see, the man who was grocery shopping [...]

Resting in the Season



The conversation picked up again last night.


“I spent all day on the couch,” she said.

“ALL day?” came the incredulous reply.

“Yep,” she nodded, “watching Harry Potter.”

“Good for you,” I chimed in. “It’s been such a busy time of year.”

“Well,” she added, “every time I DID get up, I [...]

To Everything, There is a Season



Let me be straight with you all–


I have happily lived most of my life without any need whatsoever for a devotional.


Okay, well, that might be too broad a statement. Perhaps it is more accurate to say, I have happily lived most of my life without any perceived need for [...]

Don’t Insult My Taste

originally published 11/10/11 My thighs are too big… My tummy’s not taut enough… My eyes can look freakishly big… There’s a bump on the bridge of my nose that mars my profile… My waist and hips are disproportionate… My breasts benefit from a good bra in a way they didn’t used to need… My [...]

Sucky Drivers Need Grace Too




Several weeks ago, I headed out in search of some very tall athletic socks for my son to wear with his shorts. Is that a trend where you live? Probably. But, if not, give it a little while– we tend to be at the front of the pack for trends here in [...]

First Fruits



Those of you who hang out with me on Facebook probably already saw that A. ran his first official 5K road race yesterday. (And thank you for indulging me in being rather proud of his time– I don’t really mean to be Mrs. Braggy McMommypants.)


We didn’t find out about the race [...]

4th Place is Tough



My A… he’s quite a kiddo, that one. Math prodigy, confident performer, compassionate little soul. Faithful, kind, and bright, he really is a great kid. Sure, he’s got his quirks and less favorable traits (fiercely driven by place/score/percentage would be one!!!), but, overall, I hit the Lotto with that child.


He’s also [...]

Every Stage is Awesome




I remember cuddling my newborn baby, breathing in that incomparable smell, and blinking bleary eyes.


“Just wait ’til he can crawl!” seasoned moms would tell me, a knowing look of warning in their eyes. “THAT’S when things get interesting!”


And I trailed after my toddlers, hands outstretched behind them, marvelling [...]

We don’t really know what we’re doing. And it’s scary.




I’ve tried to really pay attention to the comments and remarks I get about my children for the past few days.


Instead of just nodding, smiling, thanking, or acknowledging, I’ve tried to really ponder and process the words that I’m hearing. And, I have to say… the words have been abundantly [...]





I dug through the cabinet for the biggest skillet I could find as you loped into the room, stretching one arm high, while the other adjusted glasses over tired eyes. I didn’t blame you one bit for heading straight to make coffee– little sounds better, other than more sleep, when little people [...]