Like When You Were Dating



Have I ever mentioned I hate bowling?


Okay, hate is too strong of a word.


Have I ever mentioned that I really don’t like bowling?


It’s true.


Mainly, I find it stressful and I don’t even like to watch my ball roll down the lane. I don’t actually care [...]

How to Model Self-Love



We were all laughing and smiling until our faces hurt. It was a calm, beautiful day out on the lake and I couldn’t really think of anywhere I’d rather have been at that moment than on a boat with friends.


My boy was at my side, watching his youngest sister try to [...]

Devotion, Devoutness, & Devastation



There are hundreds of children in the program, at least a dozen altar servers among them. Still, A. was the first asked to serve. His commitment and responsibility are well-known within the church, so it was natural that they’d ask him. It was also natural that he’d say yes.



There [...]

Who She Answers To



It took her a long time to mention it.


She didn’t even come right out and say it. Instead, she’d climb into my minivan at the end of the day and her narrow, angular shoulders would simply melt in relief and she’d murmur, “I’m just so glad to be out of there.”


Misplaced Shame



I often feel ashamed that I’m not a better housekeeper.


I mean– I just don’t keep a good handle on things, I guess. It seems every time I think I have things under control, I turn around and things blew up all over the surfaces.


My husband’s MBA work has taken [...]

Uncut Diamonds



We teased our children about how spoiled they are. Not only did the “Easter Bunny” bring them some fun little doo-dads and treats– like cool new leak-proof water bottles!– they had even more goodies rained upon them. There were the expected baskets from Bama and Papa. The random treat here and there from [...]

It’s not about the priest.



It’s not umcommon to hear Catholics say it: It’s not abaout the priest.



And it’s not. Not, really. That’s one of the fundamental beauties of the Church– and, yes, “Church” with a capital C when used in this manner. Theoretically, the priest doesn’t matter. The Catholic Church is steeped in [...]

The Forgotten Prayer Friend Card




I am a believer in natural consequences.


I’m not one to rush off with a forgotten item. I’m not one to do a procrastinator’s project for him or her. I do not flinch if someone must wear a less desirable garment because he or she failed to take care of the [...]




They’re inconvenient, these New England winters. The snow… it just FALLS. Sometimes in heaps and piles. Added to that, days and days can go by with cloudy skies and low temps and the piles of white stuff go nowhere. Well, nowhere but UP when, inevitably, another winter storm rolls in.




Forgiving When It’s Not Okay



I’ve spent a long time being angry at my mother-in-law now.


It’s not without reason.


I mean, let’s be perfectly clear– when we lost our fourth baby, she told us we were better off.




I feel confident saying that that was a terrible choice of words. It didn’t [...]