Inadvertently Scandalous


Have you ever encountered something that you didn’t even know was a “thing” and, all of a sudden, found yourself making waves totally unintentionally? It’s a bizarre feeling, really. I mean, there are times when we say or do something and, frankly, we KNOW people are likely to get riled up, but we [...]

It’s All Good



Last night, I heard the wind whipping. I compulsively checked the temp on my phone to confirm that, yes, it was still above freezing.


Rattling and howling and creaking surrounded us as we snuggled under blankets and got a chuckle over how we had just gone out for fro-yo and our [...]

Conversations on Being Vulnerable



“I’m trying to get tougher. I NEED to get tougher.”


“Why?” he asked, opening his eyes and looking at me with genuine curiosity.


“Well,” I stammered, “because I’m too horribly sensitive. I overthink and overreact and get hurt so very easily.”


He nodded.


I took that as confirmation, [...]

Gentler Lent, revisited



Do you remember about thirty days ago? When people all over were sharing what they were giving up, what they were adding, and how they were observing Lent this year? I was one of them, though my plans certainly looked pretty modest and insignificant compared to many.


No sooner had people [...]

Being Point



He knew he’d be called on to be point.


The thing about being an intermediate or advanced belt is that, not only do you need to work on learning all the more difficult stances and forms, you also have to retain mastery of all the basics.


This was a big [...]

Nailed it, indeed.

I was scrolling through Facebook and she noticed it.  


“Aw!” she exclaimed.

I stopped to see what had caught her eye.

It turns out it was a funny little graphic– one of those shots comparing an image from Pinterest to the actual results someone got when attempting it. [...]

(Wildly Easy) St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece



I really, REALLY do not enjoy long, drawn-out crafty projects. I used to say “I’m not crafty,” but I’ve been called out on that before because, when push comes to shove, I can do the creative, crafty stuff. I just don’t enjoy it.


I also really, really do NOT like having [...]

About those ashes…



On Ash Wednesday, after having just recovered from a nasty stomach bug, we all rose early, dressed, ate (in the case of the little people), and headed out the door to get to 7:30AM Mass.


My oldest had declared that he wanted to get his ashes before school both because he [...]







This is what I whisper to my frantic spirit as I edge my feet out from under the down in the cold, cold morning air.


What felt brisk and refreshing when I had snuggled in to slumber now feels icy and invigorating… but not altogether [...]

In the shadows of our town…



Our town is so lovely. Beautiful New England at its best, really. Well, we’re not coastal, so we lack that type of beauty, but, still…


Honestly, I can’t easily imagine a prettier downtown. Oh, I’ve seen the Main St. shots from some lovely little Southern towns, but I don’t know that [...]