Transparency and Encouragement– the Capsule Wardrobe Bottomline



I told you from the start– I broke a Capsule Wardrobe “Rule” right away when I decided to do two-month capsules instead of three. Why? Well, because that worked better. And there are no real rules, anyway!


Several of you appreciated how I adapted this idea to make it work for my [...]

Assume the Best


“What is your name, child?” she asked my son.


We were standing in line at the post office. I had my (way big for his age) 16-month old on my hip and my 6-month old daughter in an infant carrier on my arm. Balanced in the crook of my elbow was the [...]

My Thoughts on Drinking Raw Milk

Lent ’11: Letting Go of Judgment, Challenge 5 RESULTS

In case any of you have forgotten (or if you’re new here- welcome!):

Week 5′s Challenge was this:

Seek out information on an opposing viewpoint. Research a little. Find out what others think that makes them reach a different conclusion.

I read. A lot. I [...]

How Your Character Should Be Measured

If the apples you served your children with breakfast were not organic…

If you polished your mirrors with Windex instead of vinegar…

If you still use a beloved cake frosting recipe that includes Crisco…

If you wash your hair with Pantene and not baking soda…

If you don’t make your own cookies…


Lent ’11: Letting Go of Judgment, Challenge 5

I am amazed at how much I’m growing as a result of this Lenten challenge. On the one hand, it’s upsetting to realize how often I let judgmental thoughts take hold in my mind. On the other, it is freeing to acknowledge that fact and then work to just let go.

Even though I realize [...]

Lent ’11: Letting Go of Judgment, Challenge 4 RESULTS

One of the beauties of this life we are given is that our opinions are fluid. What a blessing it is that, as we are able to learn and explore, we are also allowed to change our minds! When I compare the “me” that set out on this parenting journey six years ago with the [...]

Lent ’11: Letting Go of Judgment, Challenge 4

This past week’s challenge was so eye opening for me… obviously, I know that I can be judgmental. That’s the whole point of this Lent challenge. But when I really asked myself why I was getting my back up about others’ choices, it was apparent that very few of those situations were really issues of [...]

Lent ’11: Letting Go of Judgment, Challenge 3 RESULTS

Can I be honest with you all? One of the hardest things about this challenge has been realizing just how OFTEN judgmental thoughts run through my head. Ouch. It’s humbling to realize what a big character flaw this is for me.

BUT… the beauty of this challenge is that it gives me a chance to [...]

Lent ’11: Letting Go of Judgment, Challenge 3

I continue to be excited to be taking on this challenge for Lent. I truly believe that, for me, there is so much more value in this journey than there would be in, say, giving up cheese (the thought of which, I admit, nearly sends me into convulsions of withdrawal…)

Did you participate last week? [...]

Lent ’11: Letting Go of Judgment, Challenge 2 RESULTS

I was thrilled to read the results from Week 1 of those of you taking on this challenge for Lent. I am so inspired to hear the progress we are making, side-by-side, as we truly listen to our sisters in Christ and try to open our minds and hearts without judgment. (It can be hard, [...]