TAG Worries…



I’ve written a bit about the gifted population before. As a whole– I mean the whole “talented and gifted” category– it’s not really that small a percentage of the population. By actual definition, anywhere between six and ten percent of children should technically qualify for TAG programming. While obviously not the majority, neither [...]

In Case You Don’t Always Stare Meaningfully At Your Spouse…



So, there’s this article flying around social media these days. It has to do with a photographer who took shots of people together and then edited out the phones from their hands.


The result? Pictures of people who appear to be ignoring each other for no apparent reason.




People [...]

Only one is the fastest… and that’s okay.



So, A. got this award certificate at VBS. And the very first thing I thought was, “There is no way– NO WAY– this would ever fly in the public school.”




People often refuse to acknowledge varying abilities and heaven forbid you throw a superlative like “smartest” out there– people would [...]

Not a Tomboy



The woman smiled at C. My little girl was crafting loops of color and shape on paper, happily creating. She was in her element.


Turning her attention to G, the woman asked, “And how about you? Are you into art like your sister? Do you like to draw and paint?”


“Sometimes!” [...]

No Need to Comment



A few days ago, I was having a happy, lively conversation with a woman I greatly admire. She is loving, charismatic, authentic, and faith-filled. She falls in that generation between my mom’s and my own– it’s nice to have friends in that range, you know?


Anyway, we were talking about how hard [...]


Pause is not my “word of the year.”

I tried to do that one year and I was bored with it by January 15th. What can I say? I’m super good at commiting to a man, but not so good at commiting to a word. Or a topic. [...]

What’s Your Christmas Soundtrack?



This time of year, I scroll through my social media feeds and get all twitchy and awkward feeling. You see, I’m just so TIRED of the same ol’ Santa debates and number of gift discussions and yes/no Christmas card hooplah and all that. It kind of rains on my parade, if I’m honest. [...]

How Honoring Varying Choices & Methods Supports Preemie Parents



November is Prematurity Awareness Month. That makes this a good time to talk a little bit about preemie stuff. I get asked frequently how people can help support preemie mom and dads, so I’m going out on a limb and sharing some ideas you may never have thought of.



Even [...]

What (most) Grammar Geeks Actually Expect



Yesterday, I checked my mailbox as I waited for my girls’ bus. In it, I found a big, glossy postcard– a political solicitation. On the front were pictures of four homes, ranging from a tiny, modest home to a full-on mansion. They were labeled, “How you see your home,” “How the bank sees [...]

Having Three Kids Is Not Harder Than Having One




For some bizarre reason, the following article has been making its way around my Facebook feed: 8 Things Never to Say to a Mom of an Only Child. Even if you haven’t seen it in the last week or so, the odds are decent that you did at some point. This is [...]