Having Three Kids Is Not Harder Than Having One




For some bizarre reason, the following article has been making its way around my Facebook feed: 8 Things Never to Say to a Mom of an Only Child. Even if you haven’t seen it in the last week or so, the odds are decent that you did at some point. This is [...]

If I worry about anything when it comes to homeschooling, it is this…




I really don’t worry at all that home-schooled children will be “awkward” or “unsocialized.” I don’t really think a school building is necessary to have lots of social interaction. But, even if the child does wind up a little awkward, heck, I am absolutely raising an awkward kiddo and I adore the [...]

No Shame in Being Real



Over the last couple of months, I’ve shared my grocery shopping trips a few times. I enjoy doing those posts, even though it always amazes me what a pain it is to actually unload bags onto a table instead of right where they go. You’d think that’d be no big deal, right? But, [...]

Size Doesn’t Matter and Hypocrisy



I’ve written a lot about how size/weight/skinniness shouldn’t be all that important.


Like, remember this? I stand by it. It’s all totally true.


Or, just the other week, I talked about this? I meant it. Health needs to be the focus.


But, I’m sort of ashamed to admit that there’s [...]

Love over “Truth in Love”





I get a little anxious when I hear someone say, “All you have to do is look to this line of scripture and everything is clear.”






I mean– if the Bible is, indeed, the infallible word of God, why shouldn’t I be able to follow [...]

Why We Eat What We Eat



So, I’m going to gently dip my toe in murky waters today.


I’m going to talk about food.


You’d think this would be the safest of safes, right? I mean, everyone’s gotta eat! But, interestingly enough, what we eat has become a huge issue, constantly up for argument and debate. [...]

In the shadows of our town…



Our town is so lovely. Beautiful New England at its best, really. Well, we’re not coastal, so we lack that type of beauty, but, still…


Honestly, I can’t easily imagine a prettier downtown. Oh, I’ve seen the Main St. shots from some lovely little Southern towns, but I don’t know that I’ve [...]

Shame, Value, and Skinniness



People make fun of my middle child for her size.


No, she’s not overweight. No, she’s not of Amazon height. No, she’s not the shortest kid in school.


She’s just… well, skinny.



(See? I’ve always fed her. Even when she stole my food when I was [...]

It’s Not About How You “Do Christmas”




It’s the same story each year, it seems. Every time I turn around, there’s another post about simplifying the season. Every other person I talk to is bemoaning our “I want/gimme” society. The over-riding sentiment is that we’re totally screwing our kids up with this over-the-top materialism that rears [...]

Soy Milk & Chicken Nuggets


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I went in to get my teeth cleaned yesterday and I had a different hygienist than I typically do. I’d met her before– she usually does my older two kids’ teeth– but I’d never been in her chair. No worries. She’s very nice, and I’m really not [...]