No Physics, No Problem




In the Spring of my sophomore year of high school, I completed what I would from then on refer to as one of my greatest coups.


I was actually really good at science–(only girl at the New England Chem-a-thon 1992–represent!)– so it was no surprise when, on course selection day, my [...]

Being an Ally in an “Us vs. Them” World



One day last Spring, I substitute taught in kindergarten. The class was, let’s say, energetic and, let’s be honest, I was fairly unseasoned in the world of kindergarten at that point. Nonetheless, I did my best and most of them followed suit. A couple children struggled to cooperate and I asked them to [...]

OMG! Common Core did WHAT?!?!?



So, I’ve been planning to write a post on all the Common Core stuff for a long time now. Connecticut is, indeed, one of the states that got onboard with Common Core and is/will be required to align with all of those standards. I know people have (very) strong opinions about Common Core [...]

About those ashes…



On Ash Wednesday, after having just recovered from a nasty stomach bug, we all rose early, dressed, ate (in the case of the little people), and headed out the door to get to 7:30AM Mass.


My oldest had declared that he wanted to get his ashes before school both because he liked [...]

Newsflash: They’re NOT All Your Friends

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I don’t even know when it happened.


We live in a society that places incredible value on equalizing everyone– whether we’ve all earned it or not. Somehow, we should all be entitled to all the exact same things and no one should ever notice if our behavior is, how shall I [...]

A Giving Heart That Wasn’t Enough…

He clenched the ten dollar bill tightly in his little hand– a hand that I still imagine chubby with babyhood and dimples though, in reality, it’s growing long and broad and more capable with each day. The excitement vibrated in his steps and his eyes quickly moved around the store when we entered. My [...]

Transparency vs. TMI

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In the blogging world, we talk a lot about being “real”. Vulnerability is praised. Authenticity is a big key to success. Creating a shiny, flawless facade or fabricating a more interesting persona? Not good ideas. We all know this. The big buzz word?




And transparency is a lovely thing. [...]

Healthy Feels Better Than Size 3

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

You’ve heard it before, right? Over and over, women like to repeat that phrase. And it sounds good, right? It ranks right up there with, “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” Both handy little reminders that we should never let [...]

"We’re Pregnant"

No, no we’re not. Or, rather, no I’m not. Because, see, despite the fact that we have three children together, my husband has never been pregnant. Not once. He never will be. He’s, ahem, a man. And men do. not. get. pregnant.

I know it might seem silly. I also realize it’s a petty thing [...]

Nursing: "I Really Tried…"

Last Tuesday, I was chatting with another preschool mommy during story hour. We were talking about our sons’ teacher who is expecting a baby girl in less than a month. She was trying to decide from which store she should buy a gift card. Both being moms of three, we laughed about how, really, as [...]