Picture Perfect




I think this time of year can bring out the best and worst in us.


Sure, we celebrate the birth of Jesus and this holy, holy season. A time of preparation and beauty and light. We can shift the focus to Advent and try to minimize the materialism. We can scream [...]

In Praise of Light-Washed Jeans



I’m going to be putting up another capsule wardrobe post very soon, detailing the contents of my “Falling Into Winter” capsule. It’s going well, so far, and I’ve been very much enjoying transitioning into some colder weather pieces, while retaining some Early Fall faves.


In this capsule, like last, you’ll see my [...]


Pause is not my “word of the year.”

I tried to do that one year and I was bored with it by January 15th. What can I say? I’m super good at commiting to a man, but not so good at commiting to a word. Or a topic. [...]

Cottage Getaway



From the time I was four-years-old, all the way up through high school, my family would rent a cottage in Newport, RI every summer.


The cottage, unlike Newport, was not glamorous. We had no TV, no phone, no air conditioning. We traipsed sand in all the livelong day. We ate simply [...]

The Sweet Spot



It’s easy to miss the baby days. Particularly in this modern age of Instagram putting preciously sweet newborn pics right in my face and at my fingertips all the hours of the day. Oh my… the cuteness.


“Awwww….” I want to coo. My fingers itch to caress those chubby cheeks and my [...]

Not Doing, But Still Appreciating




Within the past few years, there’s been a definite trend of sharing what we DON’T do at the holidays.


“We gave up sending Christmas cards.”

“We don’t exchange gifts with extended family.”

“We don’t mess with all the Advent trappings.”

“We don’t go to a hundred Christmas parties.”

“We only [...]

Navigating Crises: Tunnel Vision & Selective Amnesia



We were chatting with A’s old karate teacher last night and she was asking about his health. She had retired from teaching right before he went into surgery last March, but she had taught him for three years before that. She was so happy to hear how well he was doing.


Laughing, [...]

Compassion is the Best Part

I finished up my grocery shopping and went to take my place waiting in one of the two lanes that was open.

As always, I was just happy to be in line. As long as I feel like I’ve secured my spot, I’m actually rather patient about waiting. Really, if I’m by myself, I [...]

Survival Mode… and What It’s Not

I just recently came out of a mini-season of true Survival Mode. My health situation made it so that I had to just make it through the days. Through it all, I made sure to remember these important tips. “Don’t worry about it– you’re in survival mode right now!” “I can’t even think about [...]

Leave Early



Honestly, if there’s one thing I’d really like to encourage the parents of littles to try to do more often, it might be this:



Try to leave earlier.



I realize that, for some families, getting out the door any sooner simply isn’t possible, and I’m definitely [...]