6 Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Considering Being a Substitute Teacher




This is my third (!) year as a substitute teacher now. Obviously, I love it. It’s turned out to be a truly wonderful fit for me and for my family. The reasons for that go beyond the very obvious “it works with my schedule” (though that’s obviously a big perk.)


Still, [...]

Why I’m Surrounded by the Crazies and the Inspirational



Though I definitely share recipes, reviews, and the occasional household tip around here, at the heart of it, I am a story-telling blogger. This is evidenced by the joy I get from writing the “My Story…” series and the incredible response I get. Even when I’m not in story-telling mode around here, I’m [...]

JL Answers the Search Box, volume 6




Have you MISSED this series?? I’ve missed writing it! I need to put it on a calendar or something. I’m such a “fly by the seat of my pants” blogger that I do a horrible job remembering it on my own. Sorry!


Anyway, it’s been about 4 1/2 months since the [...]

JL Answers the Search Box, volume 5



WordPress changed their layout for search engine results and I LOVE it. It also makes it way easier for me to cull out the good ones. And, so, I had to share some with you. Because, can’t we all use a little giggle on a Wednesday morning??


JL Answers the Search [...]

JL Answers the Search Box, Volume 4


After a several month hiatus– JL Answers the Search Box is b-b-a-a-c-c-k-k!!


I don’t know how I forgot about this particular gem. I think because 1) it’s something I don’t do on a weekly basis and 2) it’s not something I can really “do ahead”, I just got distracted somewhere along the [...]

An Update on A: A Year Later


A year ago today, I left two girls weak with a stomach virus home with their daddy and drove our son through the pouring rain to a cardiologist in Sandy Hook. If I had told you where I was driving back then, the town’s name would have meant absolutely nothing to [...]

JL Answers the Search Box, Volume 3


You asked for it and you got it– JL Answers the Search Box is b-b-a-a-c-c-k-k!!


Honestly, I don’t know exactly how frequently I’ll do this. I’m betting on about every month or two, but certainly not more often than that. Quite frankly, I get a LOT of the same questions every single [...]

JL Answers the Search Box, Volume 2



You know what I love about you people? So many of you seem to be humored by the same things as me. And, really, that’s just super fun.


I had such a good time doing my JessieLeigh Answers the Search Box post last month (and many of you giggled along with [...]

So many questions about balls…


It is unendingly interesting to see what brings people to my site. Most of you come back here pretty regularly and that, right there, is the best. (I love you all more than cheese!)


Also awesome is when someone finds me through a link on another blog or through word of mouth. [...]

My Boy’s Heart

(A gentle giant, even as a toddler.)

I’ve already told you that our sweet A. is having surgery. That happens two days from now. TWO DAYS. Gracious.


Anyway, here’s how things have unfolded– the abbreviated version:


9/12: I get a call from the school. A. has lost [...]