How Pro-Choice Rhetoric Demeans My Baby

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I’ve likely worn you all out with all my discussions about why I’m pro-life. No matter what. And how I have a very hard time reconciling how someone could be pro-choice and against the death penalty.


I’m not here to beat a dead horse.


But I feel the need to [...]

I’m Catholic, I took the Pill, and my priest said it was OK.




You’ve all heard about the proposed health care plans and what they require of employers and why the Catholic church is mad and yada, yada, yada. You’ve probably heard a whole heck of a lot from both sides and I’m actually not going to jump on that whole bandwagon right now. [...]

Progress for the Unborn

Fridays are so wonderful, are they not?

Not only is the weekend knocking at our door, it’s also the day Amy hosts Finer Things Friday. I LOVE a post (and all those linked up!) that celebrates the simple joys of life.

This week? Well, my kids are still cute, my recipes still yummy, and Spring [...]

Prayer For the Unborn

I am fasting today. It is Ash Wednesday, and I believe it’s an importantsacrifice. I’m also spending much of my day in prayer for the unborn.Whether you choose to fast or not, would you please join me in prayingfor the innocent? In praying that, one day, we all may recognize thesanctity of life?Almighty God, [...]

Imagine A Flower

Imagine, for a moment, will you?

Imagine you find out that a flower is being created just for you. Now, perhaps you didn’t particularly want or need a flower. You might not even really feel like taking on the responsibility of watering and caring for it, but, nonetheless, this flower is unique. It is special. [...]

The Sanctity of Life: Convicts vs. Babies

A month or so ago, I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with my childhood best friend, her wonderful husband, and their beautiful baby girl. Once our four collective kiddos were all tucked in for the night, we settled down in the living room for some music, chatting, and laughter. It was delightful… [...]

Praying For a Girl I Don’t Know

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I prayed for a girl I don’t even know today. I prayed for a girl whose family turned their backs on her. Whose friends gave up on her. Whose peers thought she was trash. I prayed for a girl who chose to give her baby life when so, so many told her [...]

Seriously. Pro-Life. No Matter What.

On this post (“Why I’m Pro-Life… No Matter What”), I received the following anonymous comment: Agreed with most of the post, but not with the “no matter what.” The only major exception I can see is a threat to the mother’s life. A fetus should not be given any more priority than the alive mother. [...]

Why I’m Pro-Life… No Matter What

I’ve blogged before about being pro-life. Even my “About Me” declares that I advocate for the tiniest of babies, including the unborn. If you didn’t know all this about me already… well, there you have it. I am, as I always say, “unapologetically pro-life”.

When you declare yourself as being pro-life, the question that people [...]