Love at the Front Desk




Sometimes love shows up in the strangest of places.


We were standing at the receptionist’s desk at the orthodontist’s office. It was time to schedule the next appointment and she was telling me how our son’s orthodontist was shifting most of his hours over to the other office, so we’d likely have to go there.


The other office is just a town or two over– it’s not some terrible distance to travel. But, inside, my stomach turned. Butterflies kicked up and I felt the familiar race of my pulse as anxiety kicked in. I was nervous about the drive.




I don’t like driving, really. I can handle it in my own town, but I despise venturing much further. Going unfamiliar places or having to navigate busy highways quite literally gives me heart palpitations.


But I pushed all that aside and refocused on the conversation.


My husband had Google calendar up on his phone and was going over dates with her. He rejected one and then another and she kept glancing from him to me and back again, looking terribly confused. She knows I teach during the school year, but my availability in August should have been much higher.


Still, my husband persisted in finding a time that fit in his calendar.


Despite the receptionist’s obvious confusion, it became very clear to me what he was doing–


He was scheduling an appointment that he could make it to so that he could drive me the first time and assuage my fears about the trip.


That alone is incredibly kind, but it’s not what truly revealed his love for me that day.


He refused to out me for my fears. Not once did he say a word about why he was going through calendar acrobatics to get this appointment scheduled. Not once did he roll his eyes or shame me for my (rather irrational) worries. Not once did he tell this woman behind the desk why he was insisting on a different time. He was willing to protect my story and my pride, even if it meant he looked kind of demanding or odd.


Sometimes love shows up with roses and kisses and chocolate ice cream.




But other times it shows up in the orthodontist’s office.



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