Hello? It’s Me.




Once upon a time, there was a girl named JessieLeigh. On a hot July day, tucked away in the countryside of Indiana, she pressed “publish” on a blog post way back in 2008.


Years went by. Thousands of posts were written. And children? They grew.


So here I sit, over nine years later, facing the keyboard and screen. And I’m not sure where to start or what to say or whether I should even be here right now.


Sweet friends, here’s what I want you to know:

I  still have SO much to say. 


I still have stories. I have views and ideas and passions. I have things I want to tell you! I still cherish this little tiny nook of the internet so very much. This? This right here? It is a huge part of my history and taught me so much about myself.


But it’s been so long since I wrote. I know this. And I’m sorry.


What happens to me is simply this– the longer I go without writing, the more pressure I feel to write something really GOOD or IMPORTANT. Also, the longer I go without writing, the more stuff I feel like I need to catch you up on and it just feels almost insurmountable!


I let it keep my from writing at all. And that’s a sad, sad solution.


So here’s what’s up, in a super quick, not at all comprehensive, nutshell:


–I’m still substitute teaching. I love it and I’m good at it and I’m still pondering whether or not to go back to school to get certified so I can be a full-time elementary teacher. I’m not sure yet. I did a 2+ month stint in a second grade classroom last Spring and LOVED it. I’ve definitely found a good fit with this job.


–I turned 41 in June and I’m totally great with that! I love my birthday and I love my age and I never, ever try to hide it.



–A., who was 3 when I started this blog, is now 12 and wears a men’s size 10 shoe. He is incredibly tall, incredibly fast, and rather musical. His cross country, track, road races, singing, and bass playing keep us pretty busy running around  to activities, but they’re things that he loves and they’re also rather fun to watch– so that’s a win-win.



–C., my micropreemie who inspired the whole start of all this, is 11 1/2 and about to start middle school (!!!) She’s still on the petite side, but she’s definitely not the shortest in her class. My only introverted child, she is creative and dreamy and artsy. She’d rather be drawing or reading than participating in any sports, but she has a deep love of nature, too, and enjoys slow-paced, meandering hikes.



–And G, who wasn’t even born when I set up shop here, will be entering third grade this year. She is our fearless adventurer who would climb anything in front of her. She just started Ninja Warrior classes and, though she’s the youngest in the group, she is fierce and strong. Like her mama, she’s deeply sensitive and occasionally melodramatic (ahem). There is nothing on earth she loves more than cats.




In short, we’re all doing well here! It’s summer– my favorite!– and we’ve been enjoying a lovely mix of impromptu adventures and relaxing at home. During the school year, we are, like so many families, absurdly busy, but I confess that I love that, too. The utter madness that is May? I kind of love it. When it seems like a schedule is so packed it’s not even possible? There’s a little thrill to that, so long as I know more restful times are on the horizon.


I feel like this is such a wing-ding, quick-fire update I’m putting out there. I know full-well that nine gazillion more interesting and important things have happened since we last touched base.


But, mostly, I just wanted to say– “Hello. It’s me.”


And I’ve missed you.




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2 comments to Hello? It’s Me.

  • mary howard

    Thank you for writing. I’ve looked for your emails and was delighted to see it in my inbox, top one even.
    Enjoy your summer, don’t worry about catching up, we love you the way you are.

  • Susan

    Welcome back1. We have missed you. What races does your son run? Mine is now a high school varsity long distance runner. He started in middle school and has really come into his stride in high school. It’s a great sport: takes very little time compared to other sports, great for de-stressing, it’s something you can do for the rest of your life & it’s great to help cross train in other sports. At my son’s high school, the cross country team has the highest overall GPA of any sport in the high school.

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