Be kind. Seriously.




I took a lot of pics in this shirt. It’s such a lovely shade of Spring-y pink! Posed in front of the forsythia. Crouching to pluck a dandelion. Laughing amid the sunny morning mist.


But you know what?


My second graders all agreed this was the best one.





So that’s what you get. :)



Be kind.


Every chance you get. It’s a message I seek to convey to the little people I greet each morning.


Be kind. 


Start the day with a smile for all the people you cross– you have no idea how their days began. That moment of brightness can be a game changer.


Be kind.


Kinder than you even think you “need” to be. It’s rare that you’ll ever regret being TOO kind to someone. Kindness is one of those amazing things that seems to multiply the more you pour out. It seems odd that you can simply heap kindness on others without regard to ever running out. But you can. And it’ll likely come back to you tenfold.


Be kind.


It’s the message I hope can drive my days and help me shine just a little bit of light on the world.




What’s your message for the world? Be kind? Be still? Be weird? Whatever motivates you to shine with your truest self, Cents of Style wants to help you share that message with the world. And today, Friday, 4/28/2017, you can get your own inspirational (and motivational!) tee for just$15.95, with free shipping.


These tees are lightweight and super soft. I’ve loved mine tossed over ripped jeans for a casual weekend or paired with a black knit skirt and mary janes for teaching. It’s a winner!


I’d love to know what your message would be!




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