3 Things That Have CHANGED MY LIFE




Sorry to yell at you all in that title, there, but I’m just really, really excited about these things! Truly!


So, listen. There are a whole lot of things I use on the regular that bring me great joy and that make my life better– from the way I prepare coffee to the leggings I layer under skirts, I have lots of favorites. However, the things that made THIS list? These are things that have absolutely CHANGED my life in the best possible of ways.


Ready? Okay. Here we go.



1. Soma Vanishing Tummy Modern Brief




How ’bout we just jump right in with my rec for undies??? No shame here! But, seriously, people. For everyday, these are the best underwear I have ever worn. They are amazing. The “vanishing tummy” feature really just offers some very, very light control– these aren’t shapewear. But they stay exactly where they’re supposed to. The waist? Doesn’t slide down. The back? NEVER rides up. I mean never. You put these babies on and they stay put. They’re slippery enough that garments glide, but they still breathe. If I sound like I’m gushing, it’s because I AM. I’m a total convert.


Now, listen. These aren’t cheap. I’m a girl who bought the Fruit of the Loom multi-pack and called it good enough. So if I’m telling you that a twenty-some-odd dollar pair of undies is worth it, that’s really saying something. Here’s the deal– it’s easy to find these on sale. They’re almost always “buy 3, get 2 free.” So that immediately makes it more palatable– I mean, $12 a pair is WAY better than $21. Also, you can frequently score some sort of promotion. As I type this, Soma is offering 25% off and free shipping on any order with code 32359.


(Also: Soma’s referral program is GREAT in that it allows you to save $15 on your first order of $50+, but it requires that a friend email you that code. This is kind of a pain, I know. But, if you’d like to save an additional $15– and I would, if I were you!– leave me a comment and make sure you have an email attached to your profile and I’ll hook you up.)


Quick math for those who don’t like working the numbers:
$21 x 5 = $105 for 5 pairs BUT
$21 x 3 (get 2 free) = $63, minus 25% = $47.25 (plus, if you snag the $15 off and use it) – $15 = $32.35 for 5 pairs



2. Pretty Straw Cups




On the other end of the budget spectrum are these pretty little lidded tumblers, with straws, from Dollar Tree. Yes, really.


It’s not news that most of us don’t drink enough water. But, can I be honest? I don’t LIKE water bottles. I really don’t. I am particularly averse to those with valves because they feel gross to me. Anyway, I like cups. And straws. There are lots of options for lidded tumblers with straws, but I like these the best. They’re cheap, so I don’t worry too much about the possibility of losing one. They’re also not TOO giant. I don’t enjoy holding a liter or more of liquid in my hands– it feels unwieldy. These are manageable and cute and I find that I do a MUCH better job of staying hydrated. So that’s awesome!




3. Tunic-length Camis




I can’t even begin to tell you how life-changing these have been for me. Honestly. Tunic-length camis provide an extra layer for under sweaters, button-downs, cardigans, pullovers, blouses– you name it. They’re stretchy and comfy and STAY PUT. This is particularly wonderful for with leggings, since it pretty much guarantees rear-end coverage. Hallelujah! They also never, ever pull up, allowing drafts on your ribs or mid-section. Am I the only one who despises that feeling?


I currently have these in grey, black, and navy, but I’m eyeing that peach one for under gauzy Spring pieces. I am no exaggerating when I tell you that I wear one of these at LEAST three days a week, and usually more. They’re fabulous.




There you go. Three things that have really, truly, without a doubt, improved my quality of life over the last several months. These are all 100% JL-approved!



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