Shopping with JL (& an Update)




Well, hi there!


Did you think I’d fallen off the face of the planet? I’ll be honest– I’ve felt that way a bit lately. So many times, I’d start to write a post or go to pen a Facebook update and then, well, it felt like it’d been so long that it would just be awkward.


Have you ever had that happen in real life? You really want to reach out to someone or say something, but it feels like it would be weird and you worry it might be ill-received?


Yeah, that’s how I’ve been feeling.


But I can’t just disappear. And I’m not ready to make a formal departure notice. So, for today, I thought I’d do what I used to do quite a bit, but haven’t done in a very, VERY long time– let you peek into my grocery cart and see just what I’m spending my hard-earned dollars on.


Couple quick things first:


  • You won’t be able to see EVERY thing in the photos, cause I snapped them quick right in ALDI, but I promise to list everything I bought.
  • My husband and I decided to up the grocery budget for 2017– part of that is because I’m mega-busy these days, but, even more so, I have growing kids! And they eat. A lot. I’m grateful for this, but I have to expect it to cost more to feed an adult-sized 11-year-old boy than a preschooler. Such is life.


So, here you go!

img_20170108_093328 img_20170108_093340




1 bag cooked meatballs  $4.39

1 pack hotdogs  $.79

3 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breasts $3.50

5 lb. chicken leg quarters $2.34

1 lb. honey ham lunch meat  $3.49



1 pack cheese sticks  $2.69

1 lb. shredded sharp chedded $2.69

1 lb. shredded mozz $2.99

1 pack white American cheese $1.89

8 oz. swiss cheese block  $1.89

8 oz. co-jack block  $1.89

wedge asiago $3.79

12 cups yogurt  $4.68

2 gallons whole milk  $1.39 each (for real!!!)

2 dozen eggs (not really dairy, but in the dairy case ;) )  $2.98



broccoli  $1.19

peas  $.95

6 lbs. apples  $2.98

2.5 lb. bananas  $1.08

1 pint blueberries  $1.69

1 pound roma tomatoes  $.99

2 green peppers  $.99



2 lb. macaroni  $1.45

1 lb. penne  $.99

3 lb. long grain rice  $1.29

1 lb. organic spaghetti  $1.19

1 package everything bagels  $1.59

2 packs flour tortillas  $2.38

1 box honey comb cereal  $1.99

1 loaf wheat bread  $.99

1 box saltine crackers  $.75

1 box crispy oat ring cereal  $1.19

3 boxes cereal bars  $1.49 each

1 box triscuit-like wheat crackers  $1.69

1 box granola bars  $1.49

5 lb. flour  $1.49


Canned Goods and All the Rest

2 cans spaghetti rings  $1.18

2 cans crushed tomatoes  $1.90

1 can tomato paste  $.39

4 cans tomato sauce  $1.00

2 bottles sparkling frost beverage  $.98 (+deposit)

2 bottles Gatorade  $1.88 (+deposit)

2 bottles plain Seltzer  $1.10 (+deposit)

1 bottle 100% grape juice  $2.69

1 pack fudge stripe cookies  $1.19

1 bag tortilla chips  $1.69

1 jar natural peanut butter  $1.49

1 bottle garlic powder  $1.19

1 bottle ranch dressing  $.89



GRAND TOTAL:  $93.40



You’ll notice some really stellar prices on milk and meat– the milk’s been super cheap lately at my ALDI and the meat was marked down.


There were definitely some convenience items and some others that have become old stand-bys for us. My husband eats a granola bar EVERY single morning. I eat wheat crackers with cheese and fruit every day for lunch when I substitute teach. One of my darling children had gotten SO very poky eating in the morning that I’ve resorted to cereal bars and yogurt for breakfast every school morning just to get SOMETHING in her stomach. This is real life, friends. This is how we roll.



On that note, life is pretty darn crazy around here!


Every year, my kids get involved in more and more activities, it seems, and it’s a very, very good thing. Truly. They’re well-rounded, interesting individuals and I love all the opportunities they have. My oldest is now in middle school (!!!!!!!) and he is arguably the most ambitious of the lot. He’s fearless about going after what he wants and, as a result, he’s got a boatload of things happening. The girls are busy, too, and, in the midst of all this, I am substitute teaching nearly every day.


Speaking of that gig, I have now substitute taught for more than 300 days over the last couple of years. That should be a pretty good indication that I love it.


In fact, I love it so much that I’m JUST getting started looking into what I’d need to do to get my masters in elementary ed, with certification, in the state of Connecticut. I literally just got started and have only met with one school so far.


But it’s a big step. And an exciting one. And maybe it makes a little more sense why I’ve been so scarce! :)


But here I am. Still shopping at ALDI. Still keepin’ it real. Still wanting to hang out with you all whenever I can.



So, if the spirit moves you, I’d be tickled pink if you’d leave a quick comment and let me know something YOU’VE been up to. It’s been a long time, friends!




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3 comments to Shopping with JL (& an Update)

  • Celine

    Have missed your posts.

  • Susan

    I wish we had an Aldi in Los Angeles! I am still working full time, teaching my 15 year old to drive in insane traffic (the first 15 hours were painful), getting my son through 10th grade, looking at colleges & getting him to study for the SAT, as well as looking for summer programs which can get him fluent in Spanish. I am taking some college classes just for fun. This semester I am taking photography & ballet. Even though my son is a teenager, we are still really close. I still get a hug every morning when I drop him off in front of the high school.

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