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I recently shared a Now/Then photo on Facebook of my husband and me on our wedding day, paired with a quick selfie of us last Wednesday morning, which was our 15th wedding anniversary. A college friend who attended our wedding left the comment, “How is it possible that you don’t age and your doe eyes just get larger? What sorcery is this?!?”


I, of course, came up with a teasing, smart alecky reply, but I won’t deny the compliment was much appreciated!


As I thought about it, though, I realized that I really AM comfortable in my 40-year-old skin and I’m not afraid to put my face out in the world. Interestingly, I have more confidence in facing the world now than I ever did when I had that fresh 20-year-old skin.


So, because I really am comfortable– and also because I love you all– I’m going to just go ahead and post a picture of myself from six o’clock in the morning, hair pulled back, absolutely zero makeup.




That’s what I look like with my bare 40-year-old skin.


Now, listen. I’m not all about going out into the world like that on the regular. I definitely prefer to add a little color to my face. I can see that my nose looks shiny and there’s a little mark there on my chin. I most certainly would like my hair to look better than it does here and that ancient brown sweater isn’t doing me any favors. All of this is true.


But, still, my skin is really in pretty decent condition and I think it’s important to know that turning 40 doesn’t mean you fall apart. ;)


Of course, all this is useless if I don’t tell you what I do to try to take care of this skin I’ve been given!


I decided to outline the five products I use on my face pretty much every day. Not a single one is pricey and they’re readily available.


Sound good? Okay. Here goes:


(**Please note: You may feel like you’re in the middle of a CVS ad while reading this. You are not. This is also not sponsored by CVS. I’m just a thrifty girl who’s not brand picky. Feel free to snag the name brand versions of these products if they’re on sale or easier to find for you. This is just how I roll!)



Step 1: Cleansing




This is the facial cleanser I use. It’s super gentle, but thorough, and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry, itchy, or tight. I don’t wear a TON of makeup, but it seems to remove whatever I’ve got on my skin. I’m pretty sure I paid right around five dollars for this bottle and it’ll last a long time. Free of soap, oil, fragrance, and color, it’s a pretty safe bet for being non-irritating. I’m a fan!




No matter what cleanser I use, however, I’ve always felt the need for a good eye makeup remover. I don’t like to scrub too hard around the delicate eye area and, with a targeted remover for mascara or liner smudges, I don’t need to. I use this oil-free, gentle remover to swipe off any remaining non-waterproof eye makeup. (Waterproof eye makeup– which I hardly ever wear– requires an oil-based formula, so I just use a bit of olive or coconut oil in those rare instances.) This stuff is less than half the price of the name-brand equivalent, so I was happy to discover it!


Step 2: Moisturizing/Treating




I use a squirt of THIS ^^^


Plus a drop or two of THIS >>>





… to moisturize my face and neck.


That combo gives me some sun protection along with some light, easily absorbed moisture.


I add the tea tree oil to help fight any blemishes or irritations that might be there. Tea tree is spectacular for clearing up almost anything that comes my way, to be honest. I don’t *love* the smell of it, but it dissipates pretty quickly and, honestly, I’m used to it by now. At this point, it just smells “effective” to me. :)


I use this combo all over my face and neck, EXCEPT for the delicate eye area. For that region, I rely on:




I’m just going to go ahead and admit that I chose this product for two reasons–

1. the ingredient list is pretty simple and natural

2. I liked the name “Yes to Blueberries”


So there you go. Marketing 101, I guess– choose a good name.


Anyway, this stuff keeps my eye area nurtured and moist, without feeling greasy or making my makeup smudge all over. It does its job. Now, full disclosure– I do not struggle with dark circles. So I don’t know how this product would do in helping with that issue. There may be better options out there if that’s a factor of consideration for you. I do think it’s important to use an actual, dedicated eye cream. I notice a difference when I do so.



* * * * *


So there you go. That’s how I care for my 40+ skin. Don’t let getting older scare you! And don’t think that you have to start shelling out major bucks to take decent care of your aging skin.




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