Embracing Adventures




When I was five months pregnant with our third baby, my husband’s job was eliminated.


I remember the evening he had to come home and tell me. One of our toddlers came down with croup that night. A heavy snowfall blanketed the Indiana ground. I had to drive in that snow to get him to the doctor the next day. I also had to reschedule a prenatal appointment because I simply couldn’t make both.


In the months that followed, I frequently “flew solo” at the home front, as my husband interviewed all over this great country of ours.








We went with him on that last one. Me, 8 1/2 months pregnant, plus our newly potty-trained son resulted in a car ride with LOTS of bathroom trips.


It was scary.


Can I say that without sounding weak? It was. It was a scary, insecure time.


It would have been so easy to throw our hands up in the air over the lack of job opportunities where we lived. It would have been easy to wallow in self-pity as things seemed to collapse around me.


But we held onto hope, knowing that even the scariest of situations can be redeemed.






We wound up moving when our third baby was just barely two weeks old. We packed up everything we could into our minivan and headed halfway across the country.


Life is an adventure.


The story that’s unfolding before us can have some scary chapters, it’s true. But isn’t it wonderful that we’re given a chance to edit and reframe as we seek a beautiful outcome.



Life Is….Beautiful. Grand. Sweet. Tough. An adventure. What is life to you?



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