Itchy Feet and Relentless Optimism




I love to travel.


I haven’t done nearly as much of it as some people, but far more than others. As with so many spectrums of life, I’d land somewhere in the middle.


But I love to just… GO PLACES.




I’ve lived quite a lot of places, too. North, South, Midwest, East Coast, New England. I’ve lived on the coastline, lived in the plains, lived in the mountains. I’ve lived in very, very rural places and crowded suburbs.


And I’ve always said– there is something I have LOVED about every place I’ve lived. Were they all my favorite? Nope. But I can look back fondly at every place I’ve been and be grateful for the experience. I collect memories and moments like some people collect souvenir magnets– I gather them, reflect on them, and cherish them for representing that special time in my life.


I still want to go more places. It’s woven in the very fiber of who I am. I want to travel. I want to live someplace else. I want to experience new settings and new scenery and new cultures. I want to add to this mish-mosh accent I have that winds up being not much of an accent at all by the time you throw it all together.


I have a touch of wanderlust.


I could bemoan the fact that I also have three children with lots of school still ahead and lots of ties to the community we’re in. I could sigh over the fact that our finances simply do not allow us to pick up and travel on a whim and explore all the places I’d love to go.


But I don’t. 


I have come to expect miracles.


I know that plans can unfold in beautiful and miraculous ways that I never saw coming. I know that I don’t have to have it all figured out to believe it will wind up just exactly how it should be. I believe that amazing, awesome things can happen even when circumstances do not seem to support them.


I honestly have no idea where I’ll wind up. I don’t know how many captivating places I’ll get to visit.


But I love to dream about it. And these necklaces– some of the newest Tribe line at Cents of Style– help remind me of that. They’re a happy little sight in what can sometimes be a boring, relentless day. Just a flash of that “wanderlust” and I smile to myself–


I’m going places.


I may not no where, yet.


But I’m confident it’s happening.


What do you dream of? What motivational messages speak to you?


tribe necklaces


Cents of Style has released their NEW collection of Tribe necklaces, in script, bar, and disc styles. For this week’s Fashion Friday special, you can snag any of them for just $11.99, shipped, with code: TRIBE4.


Which is your fave? I’d love to know why!



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