Please Don’t Just Click the Sad Face




A few days ago, Facebook rolled out their new “reactions.” Now, rather than just “liking” something, you can choose between “like”, “love”, “wow”, “ha ha”, “sad” and “mad.”




Some people were excited about this. Genius! Now we have options to better match our response! Awesome!


I was not so thrilled.


While I get the convenience of being able to click “sad” on a friend’s post about a sick child, I’m just not sure if that’s a great thing.


If I post a cute pic or a funny story or a weather update? “Likes” are great. I’m happy to see them. I really don’t want or expect anything more.


But, if I’m honest, there ARE times I hope for more from my friends.


I’ll give you a very real, very timely example.


This coming Monday, Leap Day, will mark the four year anniversary since we lost our fourth baby. I’ve honestly been dreading another Leap Day coming around for the past few years. One of the small comforts of such an anniversary is that it doesn’t come around all that often, but, on the flip side, it’s not exactly an easy one to ignore or overlook.


Anyhow, I’m predicting it will be a bit of a hard day for me. Being the sort of person I am, the odds are good that I might mention that on social media. And you know what?


Sad faces aren’t much comfort.


I know it’s more work. I know it’s not fun. But, what I need, are WORDS.


  • “I’m so sorry.”
  • “Praying for your peace.”
  • “Sending virtual hugs.”
  • “That sucks. I’m sorry.”
  • “Thinking of you.”


Those aren’t particularly long or difficult sentiments, but they MATTER. Those words? They make me feel not so alone. They make me feel like people feel I’m worthy of the time it takes to type out an actual thought.


When the only option was to click “like” or leave a comment, it was kind of a no-brainer– people knew that this was a time to take a second and type something.


But… now?


Click the sad face and run.


I know some people are tickled pink by these new options.


I’m not so convinced they’re a blessing yet.



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1 comment to Please Don’t Just Click the Sad Face

  • Angie

    Hugs! I’m sorry. I am just reading this. I know that time has passed but I know you think of that child more than just that day. I miscarried after our 4th child. A little over a year later to our surprise we had another child. (That one was our only girl). We are blessed to have our 5 children here with us on earth & our other blessing is waiting on us. ;) Thinking of you.

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