Goals for 2016: Financial




A few days ago, I shared my 2016 Family Goals with you all. They were fun!!! Today’s topic is not quite as fun, but it’s definitely important.


My husband and I are very finance-minded people who like to set goals and allocate funds accordingly. We already have meetings or check-ins periodically to make sure we’re on track and on the same page, but I wanted to craft some very specific goals for ME in terms of finance.


Ready to see what three things I came up with?




Finance Goals for 2016



1. Contribute > $100 extra payment toward Forester each month. Right after Christmas, we got a new vehicle. After much debate and research, we opted to get something larger, safer, more fuel-efficient, all-wheel-drive, and family-sized, even though we were replacing my husband’s sedan. This way, when we (inevitably) have to replace my minivan down the pike, we can just get any old tiny cheap thing. Because we live on a winding steep road and my husband’s work NEVER closes, we need at least one car that can handle ice and snow. Anyway, that’s a lot of background. But, since we made the decision we did, for the first time in basically forever, we do have a car payment. I’d like to see that gone ASAP. So, while my husband is already throwing extra money at it, I’m vowing to contribute at LEAST $100 of my own income toward the principal of that loan. I expect it was usually be a higher sum, but I want to be realistic and take into account that I don’t substitute teach over the summer months.






2. Begin funding van replacement. My minivan is still fine. I’m not in any hurry to replace it. But, let’s face it– it will need to be done at some point down the road. Since we have time, and we don’t have to get anything big or fancy next time, my plan is to have that one completely paid for before we even need it.



3. Research grant opportunities. So, here’s the thing. My husband is partway through his MBA, but his company just changed their tuition reimbursement plan and it is NOT good for us. Suddenly, pursuing that degree has become a costly venture. I want to see if there might be scholarships or grants to help. Also, my A. is so fascinated by so many topics and has discovered some amazing summer learning opportunities at various colleges and universities. Even though it might not even be for this summer, I’d like to look into grant possibilities to help cover something like that. They’re pricey. But they’re also very interesting. And, finally, (I feel like I want to whisper this), I’d like to look into possible grants or programs to help me pursue teaching as a career. I’ve been subbing for over a year now, averaging at least four days a week, and I love it. More than that, though I feel really arrogant saying it, I’m good at it. I’ve done it long enough now, and had enough feedback from teachers, students, parents, and administrators, to actually feel confident in saying I’m good at it. Part of me feels like I’m too old to be doing this, but I’d like to at least explore the possibility…




And that’s all she wrote! For Finance Goals, that is. I still have Marital and Personal Goals to share with you all.

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2 comments to Goals for 2016: Financial

  • Heather

    Don’t be silly! You’re never too old to pursue new dreams!

  • JC

    You should check into loans for teaching. In our area if you are obtaining a teacher licensure, there are certain programs that will loan you the money but then forgive it for every year you teach in a certain area. Of course those are areas that have a hard time finding teachers. You might also have to go into a STEM field.

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