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I’m guessing it won’t come as a huge surprise to you all that I’m not a big “New Year’s resolution” kind of girl. I just don’t really like the pressure and, honestly, I’m so fickle that I get bored with resolutions (or “words”, for that matter) by the end of January.


That said, I’m still a big fan of fresh starts and goal-setting! And so, on December 31st, I took a little time, put pen to paper, and crafted some goals for 2016. These are not drastic changes I want to make or even tremendous achievements, for the most part– what they are are things I’ve deemed important enough to make priorities for the year.


I came up with four categories for my goals– Financial, Marital, Family, and Personal. Within each category, I came up with three goals. I’ve honestly gone back and forth a dozen times on whether or not I wanted to share them publicly but, hey, I’m a pretty transparent girl. And I trust we can talk about goals, dreams, and ideas without hurting or insulting one another.


To kick things off, I thought I’d share my “Family Goals” with you all.




Family Goals for 2016



1. Hike > or = to 1x/month.¬†We love hiking. This has been well-established. This last summer, we just didn’t go as often as before and, honestly, that made me sad. Added to that, I realized we limited our hiking season to about six months of the year and, really? I relished the idea of exploring throughout the seasons. We went for a glorious hike on New Year’s Day and it was a total delight– snowflakes blowing around at the higher elevations and NO bugs, whatsoever. I’m already thrilled I wrote this goal!






2. Visit 1+ capital city. When I attended a blogging conference, we spent some time in Harrisburg, PA. Last summer, on our “trip to nowhere”, we wound up in Albany, NY. And we learned something– we LOVE exploring capital cities! My husband and I were utterly delighted to wander these treasure troves with our little ones. We realized that, despite our proximity to NYC and Boston (<–I realize Boston is also a capital), these visits to (smaller) capital cities are also super valuable and enjoyable! I didn’t hesitate to add this one to the list. Since New England states are pretty small, it’s not that hard to get to MA, RI, VT, NH, NY, NJ, DE, etc. I’m excited to see where we wind up!


3. Spring Break at the beach. For the past two years, we’ve headed down to the Outer Banks the first week of summer vacation. There are a lot of things I love about that plan and we’ve very much enjoyed it. I love finding a familiar, beautiful spot and revisiting it year after year. My husband, however, craves new places. I know that having our big “summer trip” be to the same spot again did not really appeal to him. He, on the other hand, knows how much the sea calls to me and how much I cherish our time in that spot. When I discovered that we could stay a week in the Spring for about HALF what a week in late June costs– which is still significantly less than what July or August cost, FYI– I got the bright idea that we could do Spring Break there and go somewhere else in the summer. What a happy compromise! And we’re both excited to try something new.



And that’ll do it. At least for family goals. I have more dreams and ambitions for the upcoming year! I’ll share more of those very soon. In the meantime, I’d love to know– did you make any resolutions or set any goals for 2016?



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