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Over two years ago now, I wrote all about techniques we use for guarding our work time around here. In that post, I shared how important it was to have a quality pair of headphones on-hand when you’ve got family members who need to get their online work done in the midst of chaos. Truly– it’s a game-changer!


Lots of time has passed since I wrote about our Monster headphones, but can I tell you something? They remain one of the greatest things I ever got to try or review. My husband uses them almost every single day… and the rest of us have put them to use, too! Over 700 days of use and they are still looking, and working, great.


Because of the experience, I was just tickled pink when the Monster Clarity HD Ear Buds were delivered to my door. I honestly couldn’t wait to give them a go because, to tell you the truth, I don’t typically like using ear buds. I find them uncomfortable and a hassle– plus they always fall out of my ears.


monster headphones


I wasn’t completely optimistic because, in my experience, the ear buds that come as “freebies” (or that you can snag for a couple bucks) snag, break, tangle, and offer poor sound isolation. This would be why I tend to avoid them!


But I had had good experience with the Monster brand and I was encouraged by their message of believing that consumers deserve better– better comfort, sound, calls, and noise isolation. Even more, I was intrigued that they came with three different sizes of soft tips to ensure a perfect fit. This wound up making a tremendous difference for me! I have narrow, straight ear canals and most ear buds simply don’t fit me. Having options enabled me to find a small enough tip to fit comfortably and securely in my ear.


headphone- close up


And you know what? You know how I told you our “over-ear” traditional Monster headphones help us protect our work time? These new Monster Clarity HD Ear Buds help me multi-task like a boss! No longer tethered to the computer or with a phone balanced on my shoulder, I can zip through my busy days of taking care of the house, mothering three children, running errands, and chauffeuring people everyplace without needing to sacrifice comfort or convenience– and that’s awesome for a busy work-at-home-and-outside-the-home mom!


I guess what I am saying is this– while I am in NO WAY a super techy girl, I’m definitely seeing the value in having a quality pair of ear buds! And, since we happen to be in a season when lots of people are out looking for just the right gift, I thought I’d let you know. Available in a variety of colors, I can imagine these being a great gift for all sorts of different people!


Even better? You can save 20% off any order at Monster through December 25th just by using code: MonsterNation  at checkout. Sweet!


So there you go. There’s my real life experience with a better ear bud. I stand convinced. :)


Disclosure: I was provided with Monster Clarity HD headphones for the purpose of this review. All opinions are completely my own.



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