What would you ask Jesus?



My children all attend Faith Formation (AKA CCD, AKA church school, AKA bible school) classes. We go every other Sunday at our parish center. I teach the one and only first grade class offered that day. (By contrast, there are three third grade classes– it all just depends on how many kids there are and how many kids a teacher feels qualified to handle.)


A- procession


Anyway, that means I’m the one teaching my youngest child, but my older two have other teachers. They also have homework. It’s not much, mind you– just a chapter in their books to read and respond to.


I was flipping through one of those books at supper last night and came upon the following prompt:

“Imagine Jesus came to dinner to with your family. What one question would you ask him?”


Ooh, fun question, I thought!


I decided to pose it to my kids. All three of them, though it was in the fifth grader’s book. Honestly, I was looking forward to their cute questions. Things like…


  • “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?”
  • “Did you always wear sandals?” or even,
  • “What’s God like?”


You know– fun kid questions. I love those!


My youngest child kicked it off with, “How were you able to forgive the people who killed you?”


And I was like, “OOF.” That’s some serious stuff for a six-year-old!


And my 9-year-old pondered aloud, “Were you ever even tempted to sin?”


I ran that one over and over in my mind as my fifth grader piped up, “What trials or challenges did you face during the days you descended into hell?”


Let me just say this…


If Jesus ever shows up at my dinner table? He’s not getting away with any easy, “What’s your favorite pizza topping?”-type questions around here. ;)

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