Picture Perfect




I think this time of year can bring out the best and worst in us.


Sure, we celebrate the birth of Jesus and this holy, holy season. A time of preparation and beauty and light. We can shift the focus to Advent and try to minimize the materialism. We can scream “simpler season!” and “keep Christ in Christmas!” all the livelong day. We may embrace humble, spiritual traditions. Increase charitable giving.


But, still.


We deck the halls and– let’s be honest– we don’t want it to be a hot mess.


We plan church clothes for Christmas and– face it– we all try to look a bit better than usual.


Christmas dinners are beautiful, and typically bountiful, affairs.


We take shot after shot after SHOT to get that perfect Christmas card photo.


But, in the end, this is what fills my camera…




I have to laugh. What else can you do? I don’t think there’s a single shot where someone isn’t moving and/or cracking up.


But it is perfect.


This? Is my reality.


Three children, between six and ten, who are always in motion and always cracking one another up.


For us, for 2015, this? Is picture perfect.


And I’m wishing you all a picture perfect season, too. :)

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