In Praise of Light-Washed Jeans



I’m going to be putting up another capsule wardrobe post very soon, detailing the contents of my “Falling Into Winter” capsule. It’s going well, so far, and I’ve been very much enjoying transitioning into some colder weather pieces, while retaining some Early Fall faves.


In this capsule, like last, you’ll see my jeans. Technically, I have two pairs of jeans in this capsule, but only one is the more traditional “blue jean.” (The other pair is a cream-ish gold.) I really have no need for more than one pair of jeans since 1) I find leggings/skirts more comfortable and 2) I’m not allowed to wear them to teach. Sooo… one pair. Good enough for me.


What might surprise you about this one lone pair of blue jeans is how light a wash they are.


light washed jeans




Not what you typically see these days.


Conventional wisdom says that the most universally flattering pair of jeans is mid-rise, dark rinse, and straight legged. Yet, here I am, with my high-rise, light wash, skinny legged jeans.


What the what?


Here’s the thing…


Darker washed jeans may, indeed, be more slimming and even more neutral. I won’t deny either of those things. I still think that deep indigo rinse jeans look amazing in lots of outfits.


But my jeans?


Oh, they’re just so soft…


In both color and feel, they are absolutely delightful. There’s not one iota of stiffness to this fabric and the tone is muted and subdued.


I’ve learned that these things matter to me.


The colors I feel most at home in?


Dusky teals. Muted berries. Mossy greens. Greyish violets.


Soft. Tender. Muted.


Texture? Matters a great deal to me. The first thing I do when I’m shopping in a brick and mortar store is TOUCH the garment. Rough seams, scratchy tags, or itchy fibers send me running for the hills.


Mid-rise pants might be flattering, but they’re not comfortable to me. No matter what size I try, I can’t stop feeling that waistband at an irritating level. I might be fine standing, but the moment I sit, bend, or curl up, I’m miserable. My high-rise jeans? Never bother me one bit.


So, while you’ll never, ever hear me criticize another’s choice to go with a darker wash or lower rise, my “atypical” jeans totally work for me.


And you’ll be seeing them in capsules to come. :)

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