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When I decided to take on this whole capsule wardrobe challenge, I knew right away that “three month” capsules wouldn’t work for my lifestyle and climate. But, as I told you all when I shared my Early Fall Capsule, that’s the beauty of this concept! You can totally tweak it and make it work for whatever your situation.


I loved my pared down wardrobe in September and October so much that I couldn’t wait to cull out a new one for November and December! Since all of November and more than half of December fall in the season of Autumn (or Fall), with just ten short days of Winter in there, I’m calling this one “Falling Into Winter.”


We’ve had some mild 60+ degree days so far this November, but we’ll undoubtedly see snow before the month is out. Again, the range can be dramatic around here, so it was important that I took that into account when choosing layering pieces. I also needed to remember that, while I keep my own house a chilly 60 degrees (or cooler) all the time, other places– like the school in which I work– are much warmer!


When all was said and done, here’s my entire Falling Into Winter Capsule:






… minus what I’m wearing today:





Interested in what’s in there?


Here we go:



  • black t-shirt dress — this sucker will be in there EVERY season– it goes the distance!
  • berry elbow-length sleeve ponte knit dress — this is a heavier weight knit and the color is beautiful for Autumn
  • charcoal grey sequined 3/4-length sleeve knit dress — with stockings and heels, this one is perfect for fancy holiday parties, but with leggings and boots I can even wear it to teach



  • dressy black blazer
  • black open-front knit cardigan
  • denim jacket
  • red cardigan
  • hunter green cardigan
  • black & white polka-dotted cardigan (^^all three of these cardigans are lightweight)





  • pale pink lightweight sweater with lace detail
  • charcoal grey long-sleeved knit top with beaded detail
  • emerald green long-sleeved knit top
  • black tank
  • grey tank
  • black scoop-neck, 3/4 sleeve dressy knit top
  • charcoal grey knit tunic top (in pic above)
  • dull aqua long sleeved knit top



  • drapey black knit pants (in pic above) — these are lightweight to keep me cool while teaching and look dressy with a pretty shoe, but they’re easy care
  • “gold” skinny jeans– these are really more cream than gold, but have a very slight metallic sheen to them
  • light-rinse, high-rise skinny jeans — LOVE them



  • black — I shelled out more money for the Hue brand because these are a WORKHORSE in my wardrobe
  • brown
  • black & white tiger
  • fall floral patterned — these and the tiger ones are Cents of Style and they are the SOFTEST leggings ever
  • grey & black leopard



  • grey maxi
  • black “maxi” — it was called a maxi when I bought it, but it’s really not that long on me
  • navy & hunter plaid knee-length skirt


For anyone counting, that’s 33 things! More than I had last time around, but I did count tanks and leggings in my total, which some people do not.


Overall, it’s a very manageable number and allows me lots of layering possibilities. There are a couple pieces– like that emerald green shirt and the red cardigan– that I fear might get the boot from my wardrobe permanently after this capsule because I’m learning that I don’t really feel comfortable in colors quite that vibrant. But I’m giving them a shot!


So there you go– the whole kit and caboodle. We’re only a couple weeks in so far, but I’m already loving it and finding innumerable possibilities for outfits. I don’t anticipate having a problem coming up with a combination for any occasion that happens to come my way.

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7 comments to Falling Into Winter Capsule Wardrobe

  • Sarah

    I find these posts so fascinating. I make do year round (in a very similar climate) with about 4 pair of pants, maybe 10 tops, and 5 total pair of shoes (winter boots, tennis, sandal, and two dress). That’s it. I don’t know what I’d do with 33 pieces of clothing, much less that for ONE CAPSULE. Between work, home, errands, and the occasional event out I’ve never found need for more really. Sure, I’d love to have more, but it’s just not in the budget…so, I make what I do have work.

    • We all have to do what works for us, Sarah! For some, I’m sure 33 articles sounds like a ton. For others, that’s hardly anything. It’s a very personal thing that will definitely vary according to individual, lifestyle, and budget. I’m glad you’ve found a breakdown of items that’s working for you! :)

  • I realized recently that if you don’t count camisoles or gym clothes, my whole fall/winter wardrobe is under 40 pieces. Probably closer to 30! I’ve been feeling like gosh, I don’t have any clothes, need to buy, blah blah, had them all for 2+ years (and some much longer). But then I decided I would just consider it a capsule wardrobe and love the stuff I have. No one cares if I wear the same thing twice in one week or probably even notices, and I am not willing to spend a lot of cash on clothes right now. I bought three long-sleeve shirts at Wal-Mart last night to fill in a gap, but other than that I am going to be good for winter. :)

    • You don’t even want to know how old some of my pieces are! (I’ll tell you anyway– COLLEGE. :O ) You’re so right, though… I really don’t think people notice or care when we re-wear things! I don’t think I could pull off those tiger leggings twice in one week ;) , but the black pants, jeans, grey tunic, etc? Absolutely.

  • I don’t think this sounds like a large amount of clothes. I’m not sure I’d consider it a capsule wardrobe, but what do I know? I have a ridiculous amount of clothes but hardly any of them fit. So, I’m obviously no expert! :) All that said, I think your fall/winter lineup sounds awesome!

    • I’m absolutely nowhere close to an expert on these matters! :) Amy (of Mom Advice) is my guru on such matters, and she says 37. Of course, that’s for 3 months. But, let’s be honest… many of these pieces repeat from capsule to capsule for me. So… six of one/half a dozen, blah, blah, blah. Thanks for your encouraging words! I’m excited about all the possibilities. (p.s. Culling out capsules has forced me to really evaluate how well items fit– or don’t fit. It’s been good for me in that regard!)

  • I n t e r e s t i n g. I hadn’t even heard of this capsule wardrobe business before reading your post.

    And now that my kids are college age or older……..I realize I’m buying more clothes for myself now. Funny how that happened–didn’t even realize it. I remember when they were small, a friend gently said, “You NEED to get some new shoes…!” and the thing is, they DID looked awful! Anyway, there is a season where you forgo anything new for yourself because everyone else seems to need it more.

    And then one day that season is behind you…


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