Candy Cane Diffuser Blend



This time of year, I adore the scents of pine and cinnamon, but one of my favorite Christmasy scents will forever be the fresh, sweet smell of a candy cane! This delightful aroma is easy to replicate with essential oils. Happily, both peppermint and spearmint are relatively inexpensive oils and mints tend to be universally pleasing.


Candy Cane Diffuser Blend




*Bonus: Peppermint and Spearmint are both lovely at supporting respiratory health, easing certain headaches, and relieving nausea. This blend is not only delicious-smelling, but also pretty helpful!


**If there are children under 6 or breastfeeding mothers around, consider leaving out the peppermint and just enjoying the freshness of spearmint. Some young children may encounter breathing issues with peppermint and it has been shown to cause a drop in milk supply for some nursing mothers. I just give you the info– what you do with it is your choice! :)

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