Passionate Young Thinkers



As I drove A. off to chorus this morning, he was full of things to say. He spoke clearly, and with conviction, as he expressed outrage over our country’s continued celebration of Columbus Day.


His reasons were legion and solidly evidence-based.


He listed transgressions, cruelties, and inhumanities.


A travesty, his words, that we glorify this.


I recalled my own days of elementary school when we would craft ships out of construction paper and straws and label them the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Blissfully unaware of any shady side to the story, we hailed the tremendous glory of Columbus’s mission and achievement.


But I listened to A. I knew his words came from a fuller understanding of what happened. I knew he had been taught a full picture and had dared to explore it even further on his own.


And I smiled.


Because, while ignorance may be bliss, I am absolutely thrilled to be raising a passionate young thinker.


His generation could truly change the world.

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