Mini Confirmations



Ours is not a faith that tends to devote a lot of time to memorizing scripture.


I’m pretty sure I’ve NEVER made my children copy down a Bible verse or recite one back to me, word for word.


If there is an area where Catholicism does, indeed, sometimes fall short, it would likely be sheer scriptural knowledge.


This does not apply to all Catholics, certainly. Many Catholics are brilliant biblical scholars. But, as a whole, while there is SO much I love about my faith tradition, I will acknowledge that frequent lack.


Because I don’t require memorization of verse or catechesis… because I don’t insist upon copy work of lines of scripture… there have been times I wondered if I were doing enough to ensure my children have a foundational understanding of the Word.


But, at least a couple times a month, I find things like this left around my home…



we shall not complain

(Ignore the faulty spelling– her heart is in the right place!)


Mini confirmations.




They get it. They feel it. They understand the Word.


Perhaps even more importantly… they know it is good.

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