In Case You Don’t Always Stare Meaningfully At Your Spouse…



So, there’s this article flying around social media these days. It has to do with a photographer who took shots of people together and then edited out the phones from their hands.


The result? Pictures of people who appear to be ignoring each other for no apparent reason.




People on social media are appalled! Dear God, friends, this is AWFUL! If this doesn’t bother you, I don’t know what will! We are a TERRIBLE society that is chained to our phones– break free! Be part of the solution!






I firmly believe we ARE all a bit too tied to technology. I believe very, very firmly that we would benefit from more time unplugged and more time out in nature. Exploring, breathing, conversing, discovering… these are beautiful pursuits that can be sought sans cell phones, thankyouverymuch.


But… this outrage? I don’t get it.


Here’s the deal:

People do other stuff, even when they’re together.

They check the weather. The go through recipes. They read letters. They read newspapers. (Or books! God forbid I read a book in my husband’s presence!) They make appointments while children are at their feet. They talk to other grown-ups while the children entertain themselves.

They do stuff. Stuff other than gazing into one another’s eyes and having deep discourse.


Who decided that these shots depicted how these people spend 100% of their days? Why are we in a sudden panic/outrage over this?

I don’t know. I’m not.

Sure, at first blush it might look depressing to see a couple lying in bed together, backs to each other, not interacting at all. But… really? If we put books in those hands instead of phones, would we be sharing it like wildfire? Would everyone freak out about these crappy people who dared to read books in bed rather than chat or tangle or whatever the heck they’re apparently supposed to be doing?

I suspect no.

I suspect this is a visceral reaction to the fact that it’s a PHONE.

Again, I fully support spending more time unplugged. I think it’s a great goal to turn off the technology and do more out in the real world. That’s awesome.

But this series of photos?

I just can’t get all bent out of shape over it.

That’s okay. There are plenty of other things out there to get me fired up… ;)

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