Books! Books! Books!



I’ve been working in the school library a lot lately. I’ve shelved books, entered new bar codes into the system, and read stories to classes. I’ve wandered and meandered and discovered so many new (to me) and delightful books and series.


Unlike my forays into the public library, here I am able to spend some time completely alone, free to explore. I’m also forced to look at titles I wouldn’t otherwise know about as I return them to their shelves or look them up for students.


I was trying desperately to make a mental note of some of the cool things I found.


But then… guess what I found out?


I can have my own school library card.


I can’t begin to convey my excitement about this. What an awesome discovery! What a new delight!




I know where I’ll be spending my break time at school now. :)

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